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This week on The Official Chart, Venom returns, and Space Jam gets a new legacy but it’s Fast & Furious 9 that roars to the top!

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Opening tomorrow (October 21st) is the remake of the classic Frank Herbert novel ‘Dune’. The film was delayed from being released last year thanks to the COVID outbreak. The critics and the reviews that have come out so far proclaim the film as an ‘Epic’ and a ‘Classic’. Denis Villeneuve directs this time around. The film covers only the first half of the book with a second film in the planning stages. Timothee Chalamet takes on the role of Paul Atreides while Zendaya plays the role of Chani. With support from Oscar Issac, Josh Brolin, and Jason Momoa amongst others, the film looks like it could be the epic film fans of the novel deserve.

Dune (Image courtesy of Warner Bros/Legendary Pictures)

The big blockbusters from this year continue their dominance once again. As we build up towards Christmas (yes, the dreaded C word), many big movies are incoming. Sadly, as they arrive, many will need to make way to accommodate them. This week sees the departure of ‘Casino Royale’, ‘Quantum Of Solace’, and ‘Luca’. But what is that all-important number one title? Can Dwayne Johnson hold firm at the top? Will Ryan Reynolds make a comeback and reclaim the throne? Or has something else joined us and has shocked us all. No time to waste as we find out together.


Vin Diesel has refueled his Dodge Charger and has hit the nitrous! Accelerating up three places to grab the top spot this week is ‘Fast & Furious 9: The Fast Saga’. The film has outsold the rest of the top five combined, thanks to its release on the disc formats. Once again, the film contains the outrageous stunts, thrills, spills, and outlandishness that we have become accustomed to. With the addition of John Cena as his estranged brother, Jakob, the film has a more family-oriented theme than before. With Charlize Theron returning as the villainous Cipher, the film is an enjoyable way to lose a few hours.

F9 The Fast Saga
Vin Diesel And Michelle Rodriguez In Fast & Furious 9: The Fast Saga, A Universal Pictures Release

Last week’s number one has slipped back a place to become this week’s number two. Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt lead the line in Disney’s ‘Jungle Cruise’. The film, based on the ride at Disneyland, is a rip-roaring, all-action family film. It is also quite hilarious at times. You get the feeling that the storyline is a mix of several other movies in the same vein. But that doesn’t matter as the charm of the two leads, along with Jack Whitehall, carries the film through its two-hour running time with ease.

Jungle Cruise
Dwayne Johnson And Emily Blunt In Jungle Cruise, A Walt Disney Pictures Release

Ryan Reynolds and his comedy ‘Free Guy.’ drops a place to take third place this week. The film is, quite frankly, completely brilliant and enjoyable. Reynolds plays Guy, a non-playable character in a popular online video game. He doesn’t realize that he isn’t real until one day, he puts on a pair of sunglasses and discovers the world around him. Cue some hilarious action as Guy comes to terms with his world and what he can accomplish. Jodie Comer as Molotov Girl is a brilliant foil to Reynolds. And there are cameos galore in store. Although it’s only their voices, Dwayne Johnson and Hugh Jackman chip in. Channing Tatum has a hilarious cameo as an online avatar. But the best cameo of all comes near the end. No spoilers but it surprised me!

Ryan Reynolds as Guy and Jodie Comer as Molotov Girl in 20th Century Studios’ FREE GUY. Courtesy of 20th Century Studios. © 2020 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

While ‘No Time To Die.’ thrills and entertains the cinema audiences around the world, the previous film ‘Spectre’ drops a place to become this week’s 004. Daniel Craig’s fourth time fitting into James Bond’s tuxedo isn’t as good as ‘Skyfall’ but brings the storylines of the previous three adventures to a presumed close (No Spoilers for the new film). Christophe Waltz brings the villainous Blofeld back to the screen in a good performance and the stunts and action are up to par as usual.

Daniel Craig As Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 In Spectre, An MGM/ Sony Pictures Release

Scarlett Johansson refuses to budge this week as her swansong as ‘Black Widow’ stays in fifth place. The film is actually a semi-sequel to ‘Captain America: Civil War.’ We know going in that Natasha Romanoff will survive the events of the film but it is an entertaining and thrilling ride from the start. Florence Pugh as Natasha’s ‘sister’ Yelena gives a breakout performance, paving the way for her to assume the role from here on in. Florence Pugh will appear in the upcoming Disney+ series ‘Hawkeye’ and will be appearing in the MCU movies in the future.

Black Widow Official Still
(L-R): Yelena (Florence Pugh), Alexei (David Harbour), and Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) in Marvel Studios’ BLACK WIDOW, in theaters, and on Disney+ with Premier Access. Photo by Jay Maidment. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

We have returned! Thanks to a digital price cut and the release of the sequel ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’, the original ‘Venom’ is back in the top ten. Tom Hardy’s first appearance as the comic book anti-hero moves five places to take the sixth spot. Critics didn’t have much love for the film but the fans lapped it up around the world, making the film a huge success. I actually think the film is a terrific comic book film. And Tom Hardy was born to play Eddie Brock/ Venom. A perfect fit for a hugely enjoyable film.

Venom | The New Trailer Reveals Tom Hardy’s Dark Side
Tom Hardy As Eddie Brock/ Venom In Venom, A Sony Pictures Release

The first of two new entries this week enters the chart in seventh place. The new thriller from writer/ director M.Night Shyamalan ‘Old’ makes its chart debut based on digital downloads alone. The film follows a family vacation that turns into a nightmare. The group heads to a secluded beach for the day, only to discover to their horror that they are aging rapidly. The sand on the beach is reducing their entire lives into a single day. There are some genuinely frightening moments in the film, with horrific make-up effects. And, of course, being a Shyamalan film, there is a twist in the tail. It is a return to form for the director and one that is perfect for Halloween.

Old Movie
M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Old’, A Universal Pictures Release

That other prehistoric family drops two places this week. ‘The Croods: A New Age’ can’t maintain its momentum after making its debut last week. However, the film only hit the disc formats this past Monday so it will bounce back again next week. For this week though, the film claims the eighth spot.

The Croods-A New Age
The Croods: A New Age, A Universal Pictures Release

Our second and final new entry this week slams its way into the ninth position. Twenty-five years after the original, ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ manages to dunk into the ninth position. No Michael Jordan this time. It’s left to Lebron James to headline the second pairing of NBA and Looney Tunes. To be totally honest, you don’t watch for the human characters. You watch for the zany antics of the Tunes in all their glory. And once again, they deliver in spades. The film enters the chart on digital downloads alone and will possibly sell well on the build-up to Christmas. It would make a nice gift for the unassuming youngsters.

Space Jam: A New Legacy
(L-r) BUGS BUNNY and DAFFY DUCK in Warner Bros. Pictures’ animated/live-action adventure “SPACE JAM: A NEW LEGACY,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

And rounding out the top ten placings, we find Daniel Craig’s third and best appearance as James Bond. Falling by three places this week, ‘Skyfall’ now holds the tenth and final slot on the chart.

Daniel Craig As Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 In Skyfall, An MGM/ Sony Pictures Release

And that is all she wrote for the chart this week. My thanks for joining me once again on our weekly tour through the best home entertainment has to offer. And as always…

Whatever you decide, whatever you buy, stay safe, be kind, look after each other, and happy viewing!

The Official Film Chart | The UK Top Ten (16th October)

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