September 27, 2023

Netflix, Sony, and Universal unveil trailers for their upcoming content!

You wait for one trailer to drop and get three in a row. Netflix, Universal, and Sony have dropped the trailers for their upcoming content. And each one sells the films really well. One is for an upcoming crime comedy. One is for a remake of a 2005 Danish film. And the third is for the big-budget screen adaptation of a popular videogame. All three look great entertainment in their own right. Two will be released in February of next year while the third hits Netflix early this November.

Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, And Dwayne Johnson In Red Notice, A Netflix Release

The first is for the action-comedy ‘Red Notice’. The film was originally supposed to be released by Universal Pictures. However, Netflix acquired the rights to the film and will be releasing it in a limited engagement in theatres on November 5th. Following this, the film will hit Netflix on November 12th. Starring Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot, the film looks to be a hilarious action movie. An Interpol-issued red notice is a global alert to hunt and capture the world’s most wanted. But when a daring heist brings together the FBI’s top profiler John Hartley (Johnson) and two rival criminals Nolan Booth (Reynolds), and Sarah Black (Gadot), there’s no telling what will entail. Check out the trailer:



Action director Michael Bay will be bringing us ‘Ambulance’ on February 18th, 2022. The film is based on the 2005 Danish film of the same name. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Eiza Gonzalez, the movie is an action-thriller. The story for the film follows Will Sharp (Mateen II). He is a war veteran who desperately needs $231,000 for his wife’s surgery. He reaches out to Danny, his adoptive brother (Gyllenhaal) and a life-long criminal who talks him into taking part in a $32 million bank heist. The robbery goes wrong when the two shoot an LAPD officer. The pair are soon on the run in an ambulance with an EMT Cam Thompson (Gonzalez) and the dying officer as their hostages:



Finally, we have the first trailer for the big-budget screen adaptation of the best-selling Naughty Dog Video Game ‘Uncharted’. The film has been in development since 2008 and has had a chequered history getting to the screen. Production Problems, various writers, producers, directors, and stars have come and gone over the years. Tom Holland was cast back in 2017 and the film eventually went before the cameras in July of last year. Mark Wahlberg, who was originally cast as main character Nathan Drake back in 2010, co-stars as Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan. Antonio Banderas plays the film’s villain. Let’s see what we can look forward to:


Based on one of the best-selling and most critically acclaimed video game series of all time, Uncharted tells the story of Nathan Drake and his first adventure with rival-turned-partner Victor “Sully” Sullivan. Starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as quick-witted, wise-cracking Sully, Uncharted will introduce audiences to how Nathan Drake becomes the treasure hunter as he unravels one of history’s greatest mysteries and treasures in an action-adventure epic that spans the globe.


‘Uncharted’ opens in theatres on February 18th, 2022. ‘Ambulance’ opens on the same day in theatres. ‘Red Notice’ will be in theatres on November 5th before debuting on Netflix on November 12th.

Do any of these movies interest you? What do you make of the trailers? Will you be watching any or all of them? Let us know in the comments section below!

Sources: Netflix, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures

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