December 10, 2022
Stranger Things Season 4

Summer of 2022 sees us return to all things strange on Netflix!

For all of us who have been waiting and anticipating season four of ‘Stranger Things.’, we have to wait a little while longer. But help is at hand to sate our appetite while also managing to whet it even more. A brand new trailer for the Netflix show is at hand. Get ready to return to the upside-down (possibly) as we take a look:


The season will consist of nine episodes. And the names of the episodes have been released. So, its time to start our guesses about what they could mean or refer to:

Chapter One: The Hellfire Club. Chapter Two: Vecna’s Curse. Chapter Three: The Monster And The Superhero. Chapter Four: Dear Billy. Chapter Five: The Nina Project. Chapter Six: The Dive. Chapter Seven: The Massacre At Hawkins Lab. Chapter Eight: Papa. Chapter Nine: The Piggyback.


‘Stranger Things.’ season 4 hits Netflix sometime in the Summer of 2022.

Are you ready for the new season? Do you think it looks as good as ever? Or do you think it may have outstayed its welcome? Let us know your thoughts!

Source: Netflix


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