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Scheduling conflicts lead to Patty Jenkins’ Star Wars film being delayed!

Breaking news is reaching us regarding the 2023 Patty Jenkins-directed ‘Star Wars: Rogue Squadron’. Courtesy of a Hollywood Reporter exclusive, it has been revealed that the film has been delayed. Scheduling conflicts have been blamed for the film being placed on indefinite hiatus. Jenkins and writer, Matthew Robinson have been aboard the project, and have been working on the film for well over a year now. The idea was to start preproduction over the next month or so, ahead of a proposed film shoot in 2022. Sadly, Jenkins’ schedule is full to the brim at the moment. As a result, ‘Rogue Squadron’ has been removed from the production schedule. The hope is Patty Jenkins can return to the project once her schedule allows.


Patty Jenkins is currently in development on ‘Wonder Woman 3’ as well as a new version of ‘Cleopatra’, both to star Gal Gadot. It was expected that the third Wonder Woman film would be Jenkins’ next project after ‘Rogue Squadron’. It still may be. But it seems likely that ‘Cleopatra’ will be her next film. ‘Wonder Woman 3’ is on the fast track at Warner Bros. and this could be the main reason why her ‘greatest fighter pilot movie ever made.’ has been delayed. It could now be a case of Jenkins’ fulfilling her commitments to Paramount for ‘Cleopatra’ and Warner Bros. for ‘Wonder Woman 3’ before she travels to a galaxy far, far away.

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Now that ‘Rogue Squadron’ is off of the production schedule, eyes turn to Lucasfilm. Will they move forward with a different ‘Star Wars.’ film? During the announcement of their upcoming content during the Disney Investor’s Day in 2020, they teased other film projects for the franchise. One is coming from Oscar-Winning director Taika Waititi while a second is on the way from Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios. Production on these is continuing as normal so one could feasibly fit into the now open slot in December of 2023. Or Lucasfilm could simply move forward with ‘Rogue Squadron’ with a different director. But that, in my opinion, would be a mistake.

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We will keep you informed of any further developments regarding this fast-moving, breaking story.

Source: THR


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