ALL Star Trek: Discovery content to be removed from Netflix at midnight TONIGHT to make way for Paramount+ international release.

There has been some strange news coming from the towers at Paramount Pictures tonight. It seems Paramount has decided to remove all international access to their ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ property as of midnight tonight. This means that the new season of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ which launches on Friday can only be seen in the U.S and Canada. The rest of the world will have to wait until 2022 when Paramount+ is launched internationally. This will come as a huge blow to the fans out there that have been eagerly awaiting the fourth season of ‘Discovery’. As well as the fans of the franchise who enjoy watching it on Netflix.



This once again represents that the rest of the world is forced to suffer and wait. While our American and Canadian friends seem to get preferential treatment, the rest of us are left behind in the dust without much of a thought. Although a few countries including the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland will see Paramount+ launch next year, it still isn’t good enough. The fans internationally will have to avoid all the spoilers that will be put onto social media when the new season launches on Friday. And yet again, we are an afterthought to a big Hollywood studio.

Will you be subscribing to Paramount+ when it launches in your country? Are you annoyed that Paramount has pulled this on the international fans at the last second? Why not let us know your thoughts.

Source: StarTrek.Com


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