February 2, 2023

Add a new element to your game with customizable elements for the kitchen.

Outplay Entertainment has announced a brand-new kitchen makeover for its popular game ‘Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast’. This exciting new feature, which is available now, will allow users to customize elements of their kitchen. This is done by using new tasks and a new customization system. A total of thirteen different kitchen sets are available for the players to unlock. Each represents unique elements across seventeen customization categories. More kitchens will feature in further updates. The elements that can be updated include kitchen counters, wallpaper, utensils, cabinets, and many more.


Gordon Ramsay himself released a statement regarding the update to the game that bears his name:

“In this incredible new update to my mobile game, Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast, my virtual counterpart helps players explore their creativity for design. And customize their very own dream kitchen, while continuing to experience all of the cube matching fun. And exclusive real-world recipes they’ve come to enjoy”

Douglas Hare, CEO of Outplay Entertainment said:

“We’re delighted to announce the new kitchen makeover update, giving our players an entirely new gameplay experience. And reward system for the first time since launching earlier this year. With limitless makeover options, the introduction of this new feature is the start of an exciting new chapter for Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast”


The introduction of this new feature will add a whole new element to the game. Players will inherit a run-down kitchen at the start, with dirty counters and broken cupboards. During their mission to restore the kitchen, players will start as an amateur chef and will be trained by Gordon Ramsay. As the players progress through the game, they will earn cash which can be used to complete tasks. This will replace and upgrade their kitchen piece by piece as they build their dream kitchen.

‘Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast’ is available to download now on IOS and Android. Get your copy from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store now!

Source: Outplay Entertainment


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