It's Official | Andy Serkis Will Direct Venom 2

The director would like to return and direct the third film in the Tom Hardy franchise.

Even though it is not currently in development, we can safely say that the third film in Sony’s ‘Venom’ franchise WILL be hitting screens in the future. The Tom Hardy-led film series has so much to offer us, even though the ending to this year’s ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ *SPOILER ALERT* robbed us of two great villains to take on Venom again. But there is still so much material that can be used to bring us another enjoyable comic book film. And there is still the possibility that a certain friendly neighborhood wall-crawler may yet get to take on the villain munching symbiote. ‘Let There Be Carnage’ director Andy Serkis has spoken about the chance to helm the third film. And he is all for it.

It's Official | Andy Serkis Will Direct Venom 2

Andy Serkis appears as if he is up for the challenge once again with a potential third film. He also spoke of his pleasure that his film kept the humor from the first movie. While speaking with the free British newspaper, Metro, Serkis stated:

“I mean, yeah, of course. It’s such a wonderful world to play in. And I’m sure there will be [a sequel], I’m sure there will be… I don’t want to count our chickens. But yeah, of course.”

He also went on to say:

The whole thing about this movie was getting the tonal balance right so that it never became self-referential and in-jokey. Sometimes it can become a bit… where you actually stop caring about the characters because you know that the actors are enjoying themselves too much… It never got to that. It was always just really clever writing and clever playing of the writing that I think kept it buoyant, bubbly, and fun, really fun. The relationship with Eddie and Venom, when they’re clashing and all of that, is really hilarious.

It's Official | Andy Serkis Will Direct Venom 2


I’m certainly down for Andy Serkis to return to direct a third ‘Venom’ film. He handled this year’s sequel with great style and aplomb. I didn’t agree with how things were resolved at the end with regard to Carnage and Shriek. I also thought the film wasn’t as good as the original film. But with those small niggles aside, I did enjoy the film for what it was. If Andy Serkis and Tom Hardy can keep the magic they created for the film over for a third outing, then we could be in for a treat. All I ask is that the film is more fleshed out next time around. And is at least twenty minutes longer than last time. Apart from that, all will be fine!


‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ is available to rent now ahead of a December digital release date and a January DVD and Blu-Ray release.

Would you like to see Andy Serkis return to direct ‘Venom 3’? Did you enjoy the second film this summer? Or did it leave you cold? We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Source: Metro


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