The Riddler Theme From The Batman

Michael Giacchino’s theme for the main villain of the Matt Reeves comic book movie is now available to hear.

A week or so ago, Michael Giacchino’s main theme to ‘The Batman’ was released. It was and still is a terrific piece of music. Brooding, dark, and with hints of ‘Batman: The Animated series’ to boot. It is enough to make the fans feel content in the knowledge that Batman’s journey in the new film will have the perfect musical accompaniment. But what is a superhero movie without a big villain? Or without a haunting piece of music to walk hand in hand with them? Giacchino’s theme for The Riddler from the film is now available to listen to. It has been released earlier today. And sounds as if it is perfect for the Paul Dano character.


I have to say that I’m liking what I’m hearing. The theme for The Riddler reminds me once again of ‘Batman-The Animated Series’. It also feels like it has elements of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman theme from ‘Batman Returns’ alongside certain cues from The Riddler’s theme in ‘Batman Forever.’ And it is quite a good mix. It sounds childlike, somewhat innocent before bursting into life. It once again settles down to be quiet and childlike again. Could this be an indication of The Riddler’s mindset in the film? Quiet and unassuming before unleashing bouts of murderous violence? It sure feels that way.

The Riddler (The Batman 2022)
Paul Dano As The Riddler In The Batman, A Warner Bros. Pictures Release.

Michael Giacchino appears to have composed a score for the film that will live long in the memory of all who hear it. Ok, so we have only these first two tracks to go by so far. But you have to admit that it is starting to make us all think of exactly who and where the film will be taking us. From what we have heard so far, seen so far, and can gather from the M.P.A.Information as to the PG-13 rating, it seems as if we are going VERY dark indeed. And that is perfect for where The Dark Knight, the world’s greatest detective needs and deserves to be.

The Riddler
Paul Dano As The Riddler In The Batman, A Warner Bros. Pictures Release.

‘The Batman’ will be unmasking the truth on March 4th.

Sources: WaterTower Music/ Youtube/ Warner Bros.


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