A new Marvel Legend arrives on April 1st.

After all the delays, after all the hype, April 1st will (hopefully) see the release of ‘Morbius.’ The Jared Leto film has been pushed further and further back thanks to the pandemic. But the day of Morbius is close at hand. A brand new shiny poster advertising the film has been revealed. And just like all Marvel films, it fits in perfectly. It shows just enough to get our attention with a promise of what’s to come. Tune your radars to the image below:

Morbius Poster (9th February Release)

Michael Morbius wants to drink our blood as a new Marvel Legend arrives when ‘Morbius’ opens on April 1st.

Will you be going to see the film? Do you think it will be worth the wait? What are you hoping the film brings to the table? Use your (Bat) wings to fly down to the comments section below!

Source: Marvel Studios


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