Things start heating up for Zac Efron on May 13th.

Back in 1984, Drew Barrymore took the lead role in a cinematic version of the Stephen King novel ‘Firestarter.’ It wasn’t received well by the critics, one of which called it “Boring”. It did manage to make $18.9million on a $12million budget, not exactly setting the box office alight. But never one to let a failure stop them from making a remake, Universal Pictures has indeed remade the film. This time though, they have the added bonus of having Jason Blum and his Blumhouse Productions alongside them. Zac Efron stars this time around with Barrymore’s role played by young actress Ryan Kiera Armstrong. She plays the ‘Firestarter’ of the title, a young girl named Charlene “Charlie” McGee. The first trailer for the film has been released ahead of a May 13th opening. Make sure the smoke detector is working as we take a look:


A young man must protect his daughter after she develops pyrokinesis and is hunted down by a secret government agency known as The Shop that intends to capture and control her.

Firestarter 2022
Ryan Kiera Armstrong In Firestarter, A Universal Pictures/ Blumhouse Productions Release.

‘Firestarter’ explodes into theatres and on Peacock on May 13th.

Source: Universal Pictures


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