December 11, 2023

Deadline reports that the Steve McQueen character may be about to get another movie.

You’d be forgiven if you thought that my favorite film of all time would be a science fiction or horror one. It isn’t. The man who to this day I still idolize is the late, great Steve McQueen. He was and still is the ultimate king of cool. And his 1968 film ‘Bullitt’ is my all-time favorite movie. And I’ll go even further. I have watched the film over two hundred times. And it still gets better with every viewing. Not only for the car chase sequence, which is the best car chase ever committed to film. And whose entire length I have walked when I was in San Francisco. But for the sheer presence of McQueen, playing against type as a San Francisco cop. Based on the novel ‘Mute Witness’ by Robert L. Fish, the film is a tense action-drama with a great sense of mystery from the very start. Steve McQueen died almost forty-two years ago. But Frank Bullitt MAY be about to return once again.

Bullitt Car Chase
The Famous Car Chase From Bullitt, A Warner Bros. Pictures Release.


Deadline is reporting that Steven Spielberg is looking into directing and producing a new film starring the character. The film is NOT a remake of the classic 1968 movie. It will be, instead, a totally original story featuring the San Francisco detective. Steve McQueen’s children, Chad, and Molly Mcqueen are said to be on board to executive produce the new film. It is being reported that Spielberg has been looking to make a film featuring the character for a long time now. And apparently, it was once considered to be Spielberg’s next film after ‘West Side Story.’ This fell by the wayside, however, as discussions with the McQueen estate took longer than was anticipated.

Steve McQueen
The Legendary Steve McQueen As Bullitt, A Warner Bros. Pictures Release.


Steven Spielberg’s next project is ‘The Fabelmans.’ The film is said to be a semi-autobiographical film, based on the young Spielberg’s childhood days in Arizona. It has been said that this is Spielberg’s most personal film he has ever made. The film stars Paul Dano and Michelle Williams as a mother and father who are based on Spielberg’s own parents. Seth Rogan will be playing a character based on Spielberg’s uncle. And newcomer Gabriel LaBelle has been given the role of a young aspiring filmmaker, who is obviously based on the legendary Spielberg himself. The film is currently in post-production ahead of a November 23rd release by Universal Pictures.

Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg


Now, I’m in two minds about this news. I am biased when it comes to ‘Bullitt.’ Not only is it my favorite film of all time. But it is a classic that doesn’t need an update. Or a sequel. It also wouldn’t have the benefit of Steve McQueen playing the title role. And that in itself is a reason for my knives to be sharpened already for the film. The only good news about the film is that it isn’t a remake. That is something that I could NEVER forgive.

Steve McQueen Publicity Shot
Steve McQueen Takes aim as Bullitt, A Warner Bros. Pictures Release.

But by the same token, I would love to see the character return to the big screen once again. Bullitt is one of those characters that we can’t help but feel for from the first time he appears on the screen. I can only hope that the film will be set in the 1960s again. None of this updating for a new generation. Leave Frank Bullitt in the era he belongs. And, of course, bring back his classic car once again. Furthermore, cast an actor who can do the character justice. None of this muscle-bound martial artist stuff. Cast an actor who can not only pull off the character but also pay homage to McQueen himself. Someone like Hugh Jackman. He has the ability and presence to not only pull the character off but to become the character entirely. But scriptwriter Josh Singer has his work cut out for him. Not only does he need to do the character justice. Not only will he need to tap into Frank Bullitt’s world. But he will also need to work his socks off to convince ME to give the movie a chance.

Bullitt Movie
Steve McQueen In Bullitt, A Warner Bros. Pictures Release.


Steven Spielberg’s ‘Bullitt’ movie will be released sometime in the future. Check back here at The Future Of The Force for any further updates.

Sources: Deadline/ Warner Bros. Pictures

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