January 30, 2023
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Release Dates Announced

We will discover we are not alone in the universe on May 5th courtesy of Paramount Plus in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds!

Beaming onto screens this coming May, the new series ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ will take us back in time. The series will follow Captain Christopher Pike and his crew as they venture into the unknown aboard the U.S.S Enterprise. It is set a decade before ‘Star Trek: The Original Series.’ A  new teaser trailer for the show has been released online. And let’s jump aboard as we discover there’s a whole galaxy out there:


Anson Mount takes the role of Captain Pike, reprising it from the second season of ‘Star Trek: Discovery.’ Also returning from that show is Rebecca Romijn as Una Chin-Riley/ Number One. And Ethan Peck as Spock. Other cast members include Babs Olusanmokun as Doctor M’Benga. Christina Chong is La’an Noonian-Singh, a relative of the classic original series villain Khan played by Ricardo Montalban. Celia Rose Gooding as Nyota Uhura. Jess Bush as Christine Chapel. Melissa Navia as Erica Ortegas. And Bruce Horak as the Aenar officer Hemmer.



‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ will go where no one has gone before on Paramount Plus on May 5th.

Source: Paramount Plus


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