September 22, 2023

The Wrap reports the standout star of The Suicide Squad is to appear.

Say what you will about James Gunn’s DC sequel ‘The Suicide Squad.’ Some people like it, some people hate it. But there is one thing we can all agree on. Out of all the stars that appeared in the film, one was a true breakout. That person is Daniella Melchior. Her performance as Ratcatcher 2 was the heart of the film. And Ms. Melchior herself captured the hearts of the audience with her sensational performance. The young Portuguese actress was the one big standout of the entire ensemble. And her social media presence and her interaction with her fans across the globe denotes the lady has a great career ahead of her. And now, those qualities have led her onto a road in the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise.

Daniella Melchior As Ratcatcher 2 In James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, A Warner Bros. Pictures Release.


It is being reported by The Wrap that the young actress is to take on a role in the upcoming ‘Fast & Furious 10.’ Exactly what that role could be is still unclear at this time. But she will be in another star-laden film. Returning once again is Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez. Sung Kang, Chris ‘Ludacris’ bridges. Tyrese Gibson, Jordanna Brewster. And Natalie Emmanuel. Jason Momoa is also on hand, joining the cast as the as-yet-unnamed villain of the piece.

Jason Momoa

Other returnees that have been rumored to make an appearance include Charlize Theron, John Cena. Eva Mendes, Cardi B. Lucas Black, and Jason Statham. And that annoying rumor persists that Gal Gadot may also return for the film, despite her character being killed off at the climax of ‘Furious 6.’ Mind you, Michelle Rodriguez’s character of Letty and Sung Kang’s Han died along the franchise’s long path. And they managed to return, so anything is possible.

Daniella Melchior

The cast of the tenth film will probably have to sign on to appear in the eleventh and final film in the main franchise. The final chapter of the main franchise is to be split into two parts, giving rise to the notion that the franchise is going out with all guns (and engines) blazing. But with the addition of Daniella Melchior to the cast, the film has already got my interest piqued even more.

Daniella Melchior

‘Fast & Furious 10’ is scheduled for release on May 19th, 2023.

Source: The Wire

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