September 22, 2023

Another Loki figure is coming from Hot Toys!

Teased a while ago, Hot Toys has finally announced their Classic Loki figure. It is now the fourth figure coming the Disney Plus series Loki. Fans will surely be pleased with all this Loki madness.

“Glorious purpose!” – Classic Loki
Standing proudly, Classic Loki summons great levels of magic to cast a massive, miles-long realistic project of Asgard that the monstrous Alioth attempts to feed on. Furious at the lack of nourishment, Alioth advances towards Classic Loki, who rises to his feet, and in one final display for its attention, the elder trickster shouts “Glorious Purpose!” as Alioth devours him leaving only his golden horns behind.
Inspired by Marvel Studios’ Loki series, Hot Toys is thrilled to introduce the highly anticipated 1/6th scale Classic Loki collectible figure from the Loki collection series.
Expertly crafted based on the appearance of Richard E. Grant as Classic Loki from Loki, the figure features a newly developed head sculpt with horned helmet, interchangeable face sculpts highlighting grinning and serious expressions, iconic comic inspired costume with screen accuracy and weathering effects applied, an array of highly-detailed accessories including Frog Thor in bottle, battle damaged helmet, travel bag, Alligator Loki in one-sixth scale, green magic effect accessories, a character backdrop and a themed figure stand.
The Classic Loki figure is here now to bring purpose to your glorious collection!
Source: Hot Toys

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