September 30, 2023
Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Cast Announced

Star Trek Picard: Season 3 announces its cast. And the mission continues!

They just had to do it, didn’t they? And of all days to announce it, First Contact Day is perfect! And I for one cannot get over the news! We all know that the science fiction series ‘Star Trek: Picard’ would be getting a third season. We all wondered where it could go. Well, now we all know. The Mission Continues! The cast for the next season of the show has been announced via a teaser trailer. Why am I getting excited? Because Season 3 is bringing the main cast of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ back together one more time! The Enterprise-E crew is going to be going on a ‘Road Trip.’ And have given me the best news I’ve heard for a while:


On a sadder note though, it has been confirmed that Season 3 will be the final season of the show. Thanks to StarTrek.Com, it has been announced that this season will end the saga of Picard and his (former) crew for good. But what a way to go out. With the final season starring the original cast of the 1987 sequel series. This could be interpreted as the eighth season of ‘The Next Generation.’, or at the least, a rather long fifth film for the crew after the disappointment of ‘Star Trek: Nemesis.’ But whatever way you want to look at it, the crew of the Enterprise-E is back for one final mission. And I’m ready to beam aboard one final time.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

‘Star Trek: Picard’ season two is streaming right now. Season 3 will be shown sometime next year.

Are you happy with the news? Are you ready to take a final voyage with Picard and his crew? What are you hoping the show will bring to make the circle complete? Beam down to the comments section below!


Source: Paramount+

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