January 30, 2023
DC CinemaCon Reveals

Aquaman, Shazam, Black Adam, and The Flash all make an appearance at CinemaCon! Plus an announcement of a sequel that we all knew would be coming!

DC has laid out its stall at this year’s CinemaCon. And in doing so, has sent their legions of fans into a sheer frenzy. How could they not? By dropping sizzle reels and footage from ‘Aquaman And The Lost City.’ ‘The Flash’, ‘Black Adam’, and ‘Shazam! Fury Of The Gods.’, they were onto a winner. But that’s not all. An announcement was made regarding a certain character of theirs that would be returning to screens in a second movie. Was that a surprise? Of course not! It was a certainty from the second the first film hit theaters. But what could it be? We will come to that later. But let’s start our look at what DC brought to the party.

DC CinemaCon Reveals


Ezra Miller has certainly got his problems at the moment. But that shouldn’t distract us from the long-delayed, upcoming movie ‘The Flash.’ The footage showed the world the first glimpse of Michael Keaton’s return as Batman. The first look at his new Bruce Wayne came from behind. The footage showed what looked like Keaton’s Wayne as now a long-haired recluse. We already know that he once again steps up as the Dark Knight thanks to Miller’s Barry Allen/ The Flash creating the multiverse. However, the trailer ended with our first frontal look at Keaton in the batsuit again. Although he doesn’t wear a cowl in the footage, he gave the world a cheer-inducing moment. He looks Barry Allen square in the eye and utters the immortal line from the 1989 Batman film “You wanna get nuts? C’mon, Let’s get nuts!”. The film appears to be one that the fans will go crazy for.

The Flash, A Warner Bros. Pictures Release.


Host Aisha Tyler mentioned the word ‘Shazam.’ As soon as it left her mouth, star Zachary Levi appeared on the stage. He was joined by Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer. And the film’s villain, Helen Mirren. Levi confirmed that the film, ‘Shazam! Fury Of The Gods’ will steer close to the same kind of balance as the original. The story of the film follows a now almost eighteen Billy Batson, who fears he will soon have to leave his adopted family. Footage shown included a shot of Shazam eating a fast food meal alongside Mirren’s character of Hespera, a daughter of Atlas. Shazam makes a joke that he has seen all of the ‘Fast & Furious’ movies, poking fun at Mirren, who has appeared in a fair few. There is also a scene where Shazam is out on a date with Wonder Woman. This though is a fantasy as it is soon revealed to be the returning Djimon Hounsou’s wizard once the character turns around to show their face. He also warns Shazam of what is to come, giving the audience a tease of the perils he will face in the sequel.

Shazam! Fury Of The Gods, A Warner Bros. Pictures Release.


Dwayne Johnson was speaking in a video message to those assembled before uttering “F**k this” and walking onto the stage in person. Bringing along his co-stars Noah Centino (Atom Smasher) and Quintessa Swindell (Cyclone), Johnson then recorded a video of the audience screaming. This is for a battle scene that will appear in the finished movie. The trailer for ‘Black Adam’ was then screened for those assembled. The trailer starts with Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan) asking “What have your powers ever done for you?” before warning Black Adam that he faces a choice. He can either be the savior of worlds or their destroyer. His response is “I died a slave and was reborn a god. I bow to no one.” The trailer concludes with Hawkman (Aldis Hodge) mentioning that “Heroes don’t kill people” which prompts the reply, “Well, I do”.

Black Adam, A Warner Bros. Pictures Release.


Jason Momoa wasn’t there in person, thanks to his ‘Fast X’ filming commitments. But he did, in a video message, introduce director James Wan to the stage. Wan then presented a sizzle reel of footage from the new sequel, ‘Aquaman And The Lost City.’ It appears as if David Kane/ Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) will be the film’s main villain this time. Wan said that although Black Manta remains human, he has been given some supernatural power that is slowly taking over his entire being. Atlantis is now under threat, causing Aquaman to turn to his half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson) for help. This could mean that Aquaman could end up facing a double threat before the final credits roll.

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, A Warner Bros. Pictures Release.


And finally, you just knew it was coming. How could it not be? With box office tills ringing up millions of dollars in ticket sales around the world, a sequel to ‘The Batman’ was always on the cards. Matt Reeves took to the stage to announce that he will return to write and direct the sequel. He also revealed that star Robert Pattinson would also be returning to wear the cowl for a second time. Reeves thanked the audience, saying:

“Thank you all for your tremendous support for The Batman. We couldn’t have gotten here without the faith and enthusiasm of all your teams around the world. I’m excited to jump back into this world for the next chapter.”

Reeves also revealed that despite The Joker’s appearance at the end of the last movie, the scene was more for concluding the Riddler’s arc than setting up the character as the villain for the sequel. It isn’t beyond reason that Barry Keoghan could be the big villain of the sequel. But rumors continue to circulate that Reeves is looking at bringing Mr. Freeze in as the next adversary for the Dark Knight. So, we will have to wait and see.

The Batman
ROBERT PATTINSON as Batman in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “THE BATMAN,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

CinemaCon 2022 continues to give us some great surprises. Keep checking back here at The Future Of The Force for all the latest news!

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