February 7, 2023

Due to the runaway success of the Earth Day initiative, Outfit7 pledges to help restore forests and biodiversity habits.

Thanks to the recent Earth Day initiative that Outfit7 ran through their ‘Talking Tom Gold Run’ game, the company has donated enough money to exceed its original plans. Originally, the company behind the game hoped to donate enough to plant 30,000 trees to help restore forests and biodiversity. But the runaway success of the initiative has led the company to announce it has beaten its original target. The donation means that 50,000 new trees can be planted. Outfit7 has donated the proceeds from in-app purchases made during the ‘Grow & Go’ event to the environmental non-profit organization, One Tree Planted.


The president of One Tree Planted, Matt Hill, spoke of about the fantastic news:

“Finding partners like Outfit 7 who are committed to taking real action to combat climate emergency is incredible. Outfit7’s donation has allowed us to plant 50,000 trees around the world as part of our mission to restore forests and biodiversity habitats. As well as make a positive social impact.”

Congratulations to One Tree Planted for their incredible work towards stabilizing our environment. A huge thank you to Outfit7 for donating the proceeds of the initiative that has allowed the planting of the new trees. And a HUGE thank you to all of you, the players of ‘Talking Tom Gold Run’ for supporting the initiative in such a brilliant way.

Source: Outfit7


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