Warwick Davis returns as the lovable Willow in the first look at the Disney+ sequel series!

George Lucas didn’t only create ‘Star Wars’ you know. Back in 1988, he brought the world the charming and enjoyable fantasy film ‘Willow.’ His story, directed by Ron Howard, entranced the world. Although not the blockbuster that was expected, it made a decent amount at the box office. Warwick Davis played the title character, a farmer and aspiring sorcerer. Val Kilmer played Madmartigan, a mercenary swordsman who helped Willow during proceedings. And Joanne Whalley as Sorsha, the daughter of the film’s villain, Queen Bavmorda, who turned against her mother and fell in love with Madmartigan.

For years, there have been whispers of either a sequel or a reboot of the film. Now, this November, we get a continuation of Willow’s adventures. Warwick Davis once again plays the title character, this time joined by fellow Star Wars actor Erin Kellyman. And in a surprise, Joanne Whalley also returns in the series, which will debut exclusively on Disney+. The first trailer for the show has been unveiled. Let’s take a look:


A Princess assembles a party to join her on her quest to rescue her twin brother. 

Ron Howard returns to the franchise, this time as an executive producer alongside Brian Glazer, Jonathan Kasdan, Michelle Rejwan, Roopesh Parekh, Wendy Mericle, and Kathleen Kennedy. James Newton Howard takes over musical duties from the late James Horner while the series is based on the story by George Lucas.

‘Willow’ debuts exclusively on Disney+ on November 30th.

Source: Lucasfilm


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