January 28, 2023
RoboCop Rogue City

Dead or alive, you’re coming with Robocop as the first trailer for Teyon and Nacon’s first-person shooter game arrives! Robocop: Rogue City arrives in 2023!

Over the years, the ‘Robocop.’ franchise has seen several games created for the cyborg hero. And let’s be honest, hardly any of them were any good. But that could be about to change. Developer Teyon and publisher Nacon will be bringing us a brand new First-person shooter game in June of 2023 featuring the character. The game, ‘Robocop: Rogue City’ looks as if it will tie in with the movie franchise nicely. But more to the point, Peter Weller, Robocop himself from the first two movies has returned to lend his likeness and his voice as Robo once again. This alone will raise the enjoyment levels quite considerably. And could lead to the game becoming the quintessential videogame title featuring the character. The first trailer for the game has been released, giving us a look at what we can expect. So, to quote Robo himself, ‘Drop It’ :


I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. It looks to me as if there will be hours of fun and enjoyment to be had. Just seeing ED-209 make a cameo appearance is enough to grab my attention. But with Peter Weller back on board as the cyborg cop, my excitement levels have gone through the roof. We will probably not get another ‘Robocop.’ movie, despite all the attempts at making it. By the looks of this game, we may not need one. June of 2023 can’t come soon enough. I will be grabbing my copy as soon as I can. That way, it won’t scream ‘Dead or alive, you’re coming with me!’.

Robocop: rogue city

‘Robocop: Dark City’ will be released in June of 2023 On Playstation and Xbox.

What do you make of the trailer? Will You be buying the game? What are you hoping for from it? Let us know your thoughts!

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