January 30, 2023

Guerilla projections light up the UK capital ahead of the ghostly thriller’s cinema release on Friday. Are you prepared for the horror of She Will?

Selected places in London were lit up yesterday evening in preparation for the release of the new movie ‘She Will.’ The BIFA-nominated and award-winning film will hit UK cinema screens this Friday. A series of guerilla projections was shone onto various buildings in the capital, highlighting one of the film’s central themes regarding the traditional stigmatization of Witches. The movie, directed by Charlotte Colbert and starring Alice Krige has been widely acclaimed across the board, with comments such as ‘A terrific film’, and ‘A powerful debut’ coming from some of the industry’s top names.


In the run-up to this Friday’s release of the BIFA-nominated and award-winning film SHE WILL, directed by Charlotte Colbert and starring Alice Krige, Malcolm McDowell, Kota Eberhardt, and Rupert Everett, a series of guerrilla projections have sprung up across London to celebrate the UK release of the film. The projections highlight one of the central themes of Vertigo’s upcoming release, the traditional stigmatization of witches and not those who persecuted them: “Why are we taught to fear the witches and not those who burnt them alive.”


The “gorgeously ghostly thriller” (NY Times, Critic’s Pick) centers around a mentally and physically fragile actress, She Will is the latest female-led and female-focused psychological horror to hit UK cinemas this Friday 22nd July. Following an award-winning World Premiere at Locarno Film Festival, and a highlight of the Cult section of the 2021 BFI London Film Festival, She Will is released in cinemas this Friday. The film is executive produced by horror legend Dario Argento (Suspiria) and Ed Pressman (American Psycho, Wall Street, Badlands). The film is gathering momentum with the UK tastemakers with champions including Alfonso Cuaron, who called it a “powerful debut” that “sits in the tradition of great psychological horror films” and Mark Kermode, who described it as a “terrific film”.


A former film star, Veronica Ghent, goes to a healing retreat in Scotland with her nurse Desi Hatoum after a double mastectomy. The place where she stays is the site where women were burnt as witches. Their ashes fill the land and give her the power to enact revenge in her dreams.



‘She Will’ will be scaring audiences in cinemas from Friday.

Source: Vertigo Releasing


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