The trailer, poster, and first-look images have flown in to scare us. Are you ready to experience Skylark Vision’s movie, Witch?

It is coming closer to Halloween. And of course, at the event of October 31st, many movie companies decide to release some great horror content. Adding to this is Skylark Vision. They have released the trailer, poster, and first-look images for their upcoming movie, ‘Witch.’ Described as a Medieval, Fantasy, Thriller, and Horror film, it has yet to announce its official release date. But from the look of the trailer, it will contain enough frights and scares to keep the horror film fans happy. Grab your broomsticks as we fly in to take a look:


Set in Dawnbrook, England in 1575, William must prove the innocence of his wife Twyla, who stands accused of being a witch. William must hunt down the real witch if Twyla is to be spared, but unearthly events make them both look doomed.


The film is Written and Directed By Craig Hinde & Marc Zammit. It has been produced by Marc Zammit, Craig Hinde, Tony Zammit, and David Baboulene.

The cast includes Fabrizio Santino, Sarah Alexandra Marks, Russell Shaw, Ryan Spong, Daniel Jordan, Mims Burton, Jane Hamlet, Anto Sharp, Ritchi Edwards, Nick Tuck, Nell Bailey, Danny Howard, Ella Starbuck, and Livvy Nicolae



“Witch” has yet to be granted a release date but will be released sometime in the future. Check back here at The Future Of The Force for any further details when they are announced.

Are you interested in the film? Do you think it looks to be a good horror movie? Is it chilling enough for you? Don’t be scared, head down to the comments section to leave your thoughts!

Source: Skylark Vision


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  1. I cannot wait for this release! Marc Zammit and Richie Edwards have had my attention since I watched “Homeless Ashes”. Absolutely incredible!!!! Amazing talent.

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