Star Trek Picard The Final Season

The Next Generation Crew reunites for the final season of Star Trek: Picard, beaming into homes on February 16th, 2023!

Star Trek Day is the chance for every fan of the entire franchise to come together to celebrate everything Star Trek. And every year, several surprise reveals are included. This year, it isn’t any different. After taking to the stage to discuss everything ‘Star Trek: Picard’, Patrick Stewart gave the fans a new teaser for the final season. And we got to see The Next Generation crew reunite one last time, Set Phasers to STUNNED:

What’s more, the new teaser offered us our first look at the new look U.S.S Titan. The vessel looks like the perfect hybrid between every era of Star Trek and harnesses the brilliance of the classic constellation class starships. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the images below.

Star Trek Picard Season 3 U.S.S Titan

“Star Trek Picard: Season 3′ will hit screens on February 16th, 2023.

Source: Paramount Plus


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