October 1, 2023
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Bradley Cooper takes over the iconic Steve McQueen role in Steven Spielberg’s Bullitt sequel.

We heard earlier this year that director Steven Spielberg would be bringing back Frank Bullitt. The legendary Steve McQueen first played the character in the 1968 film of the same name. Now, according to Deadline, Bradley Cooper will step into Frank Bullitt’s shoes after he was confirmed as being cast in the upcoming movie. Spielberg will direct and produce the film from a screenplay by Josh Singer.

However, it has finally been confirmed that the film will NOT be a remake, reboot, or reimagining. It will be a bona fide sequel with an original story featuring the character. Chad and Molly McQueen, Steve McQueen’s children, will executive produce the film alongside Cooper. No word on who will co-star in the movie has been announced as yet.


The 1968 original movie was based on the novel Mute Witness by Robert L. Fish. The story followed San Francisco detective Frank Bullitt as he investigated the murder of the star witness in an upcoming mob trial while in his protection. Featuring Robert Vaughn and Jacqueline Bisset, the film is famous for its car chase sequence that has gone down in history as the greatest of all time. And it happens to be my favorite film of all time. No pressure there, Mr. Spielberg and Mr. Cooper!

I’ll give the sequel a chance as long as it goes down the R-Rated route and doesn’t wimp out with a PG-13 rating. If it goes the PG-13 way, then I’ll steer clear of the film as I know it won’t be for me. The original was R-Rated and was brilliant. A PG-13 would betray the fans of the original film.

Steve McQueen
The Legendary Steve McQueen As Bullitt, A Warner Bros. Pictures Release.

Keep checking back here at the Future Of The Force for any more developments on this continuing story.

Do you want to see a new incarnation of Frank Bullitt? What do you make of Bradley Cooper’s casting? Or do want Hollywood to leave the original film’s legacy alone? Speed down to the comments section to let us know!

Source: Deadline

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