September 21, 2023

Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day, and Jack Black get into character as the new trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie hits us in the joysticks!

After a pretty terrible live-action movie back in 1993, things could be looking up for Mario and Luigi. In April of 2023, Universal Pictures, Illumination, and Nintendo will be bringing us The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The computer-animated family movie boasts a great vocal cast to give it an even bigger boost.

Chris Pratt lends his voice to Mario himself while Charlie Day will be voicing Luigi. Anya Taylor-Joy will give Princess Peach her voice, and Keegan-Michael Key is Toad. And Jack Black is on voice duties for Bowser. The new trailer for the film has been released online. Let’sa go and see what Mario and Luigi will be bringing us next April:


If the film is a financial success, Nintendo has stated that it would be interested in making more movies based on its characters from the games. Illumination is already eyeing up a Donkey Kong spinoff with Seth Rogan returning to voice the character again after appearing in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Also, Charlie Day has expressed an interest in making a movie based on the videogame Luigi’s Mansion.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be hitting theaters on April 7th, 2023.

Will you be going to see the film? Does it interest you? What are you hoping for from the animated movie? Hit your buttons and head down to the comments section below!

Source: Universal Pictures

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