February 3, 2023

Tobey Maguire plays James McKay in Babylon from Paramount Pictures.

Decide if you want to be naughty or nice with the choice of the two new trailers for Paramount Pictures’ Babylon!

The upcoming movie from Paramount Pictures, Babylon, has got into the festive spirit today. The movie is due to open in theaters on December 23rd in the United States and in mid-January in the United Kingdom. We have seen many featurettes and clips from the film over the past few weeks. But today, we have a choice to make. A new trailer for the film has been released. But as it’s almost Christmas, you can either watch the naughty trailer (strong language, scenes that may offend, R-rated) or the nice trailer (PG-13 rated with one use of strong language at the end, mainly harmless). Make your choice as we present both below:

Or if you want to be daring:


Babylon chronicles the rise and fall of multiple characters during Hollywood’s transition from silent to sound films in the late 1920s.

Brad Pitt plays Jack Conrad and Diego Calva plays Manny Torres in Babylon from Paramount Pictures.

Babylon will show the excess and darker side of Hollywood of the 1920s when it opens on December 23rd in theaters in the USA and cinemas in the UK on January 20th.

Source: Paramount Pictures


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