December 3, 2022

Star Wars Learning Books for Younglings

Last year, ABC-3PO by Calliope Glass and Caitlin Kennedy and illustrated by popular Star Wars artist Katie Cook was published by Disney Book Group. This year, it’s companion Obi-123 was published. With short poems accompanied by delightful images depicting ships, characters, aliens, and more these small volumes cover just about everything in the Star Wars galaxy in a fun and engaging way.


The poems by Glass are short, sweet, and feature a simple rhyme scheme that adults will find hilarious and young readers will be able to follow with ease. Each poem tells just enough about the character, ship, or alien featured to inform young readers not as familiar with our favorite galaxy far, far away as their parents. At the same time, the simple rhyme scheme is perfect for reading aloud to babies, toddlers, and young children learning to read as it facilitates learning language and reading skills.

While I was not initially a fan of Katie Cook’s art because I found it too simple, it is perfectly paired here with Glass’s writing. After reading them, I can’t imagine Disney choosing anyone else as the illustrator. The fit here is just too perfect! I find myself now a fan of her art too. For those that love this artwork, you can now buy a coloring book that includes all the art from each of these books.

ABC-3PO of course covers all letters A-Z and Obi-123 covers numbers 1–20, both in Galactic Basic. This duo are the perfect reads this Star Wars Reads Day.


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