February 3, 2023

The UK fans are forced to endure a two-week wait for the return of Rebels…AGAIN!

Déjà vu is an unsettling experience. It is a phenomenon that is both confusing and alarming, forcing our subconscious to relive an event for better or worse. Unfortunately, when it comes to the broadcast of Star Wars: Rebels in the UK, this phenomenon resurfaces time and time again to the detriment of the poor, suffering fans, who are forced to endure an agonising wait for the latest episodes of the popular TV series.

Bizarrely, the finale of the previous season was withheld from broadcast in the UK for the better part of six weeks, meaning that fans attending the Star Wars Celebration event in Orlando, Florida were treated to a spoiler episode of season four, before they had even witnessed the climax to season three.

It was a delay that came without explanation, a delay that came without a genuine, valid reason and left the fans dwelling in a pit of their own frustrations. To make matters worse, we were forced to avoid our daily social media channels in order to avoid plot destroying spoilers, but avoiding them for the better part of six weeks was a virtual impossibility.

We had hoped Disney XD UK, had learned valuable lessons from these failings and devoted themselves to ensuring the best possible viewing experience for their consumers. But alas, with the arrival of the final season of the popular series upon us, we have been betrayed once again by the short-sighted mismanagement of the studio heads.

The final season of Rebels will have its long-awaited debut in the USA on 16th October with an action packed double feature, but the UK will have to wait until Saturday 28th October for its launch on Disney XD. What this means for the UK fans is, yet another fortnight of social media exile to prevent the entire plot being ruined. The reasoning behind this delay…is a mystery.

In this day and age, where shows like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Twin Peaks are broadcast around the world on a simultaneous transmission, the greatest franchise of them all is in danger of being left behind. The Star Wars franchise has taken pride in being both a pioneer of new technologies and being renowned for pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and yet, when it comes to Rebels in the UK they just can’t find a balance.

Perhaps the UK market just isn’t big enough to justify the extra effort, but one thing is undeniable, the frustrated fans of the UK are being overlooked when it comes to the franchise we devote our fandom to. Granted, we enjoy an earlier theatrical release of the movies year on year (by one day), but that comes at the cost of a belated release on DVD and Blu-Ray, with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story being released a full two weeks after the USA.

The balance of power, rests firmly with the lucky fans of the United States. The UK however, much like the fans of continental Europe and Australia are stuck playing second fiddle and forced to endure these unwarranted delays.

It is by no means a compensation, but you can enjoy both the latest trailer and the new poster here:

The Poster:

Star Wars: Rebels The Final Season (Photo: Disney/Lucasfilm)

The Trailer:

As amazing as they look, it is a bitter pill to swallow knowing we will be watching the exciting first episodes a fortnight later than our American counterparts. But until this unfair treatment is eradicated once and for all, the fans will be forced to live with their frustrations and avoid social media for long periods.

This is a dark day for the Rebellion…

Deactivate your social media accounts, bolt your doors and return to the dark ages for two weeks until we catch up AGAIN!

We have little choice either way!

May The Force Be With You


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