December 8, 2023
FOTF Team Verdict: The Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

In honour of the release of the new Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer, the Future of the Force writers share their reactions…

After what has seemed like an eternity, the first trailer for the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story was released over Super Bowl weekend and triggered an immediate analysis from the fans. Some loved it, some loathed it and others opted to remain on the fence and stay their judgement until they had digested the images thoroughly.

Following the contrasting fan reactions to Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi, a seed of doubt had been planted amongst even the most loyal of fans with “some” calling for a general boycott of the Solo standalone movie. However, the release of the latest trailer has sparked a resounding wave of excitement amongst the devoted fans of the galaxy far, far away and catapulted our anticipation levels into the stratosphere.

Despite the chaos surrounding its production, Ron Howard appears to have crafted an incredible Star Wars movie and in honour of the awesome new trailer, the Future of the Force writers are sharing our reactions as well as selecting some of the stand-out moments that excited us the most.

Team Reactions:

Hot Dang Han! – By Darth Elvis

I’ll be honest and say that when a young Han Solo movie was first announced, I wasn’t overly excited. When Donald Glover was announced as young Lando however, that totally changed! The trailer rocks and I think they have nailed the characters in the trailer and I’m excited to see more of the performances from the entire cast. The humour and dialog in the trailer have me desperate to hear more of Lawrence and Jonathan Kasdan’s script. To see Han and Chewie back together on screen and to find out more about how the two met will be hot dang special!

Solo Trailer 27

Han and Chewie and the Falcon…oh my! – By Phil Roberts

Oh boy!

For me, Han Solo, Chewbacca and the Millennium Falcon are quintessential Star Wars. Like Solo himself, I adore the Millennium Falcon, regard Chewie as my own personal co-pilot, and believe Han Solo is the coolest guy in the entire galaxy. Nothing has ever altered that perception. Even in the wake of his death in The Force Awakens, the narrative of The Last Jedi was heavily influenced by the legacy of Han Solo, and the character was sorely missed throughout Rian Johnson’s superb movie.

The first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story revealed just enough action and characterization to appease me, and yet, Alden Ehrenreich’s performance as Han Solo didn’t resonate with me as I’d hoped. In the weeks that followed, we were inundated with a deluge of new posters, artwork and titbits of information from Ron Howard’s social media accounts, all of which intensified my interest and appeased that skeptical fan within me. Fast forward to the new trailer, and despite that niggling doubt in the back of my mind, I am totally ready for Solo.

The pristine Millennium Falcon looks exquisite, Chewbacca is back to his best (bravo Joonas Suotamo), Alden Ehrenreich has grown on me as Solo, and more importantly, the relationship between Han and Chewie is flaunting their connection marvelously. The foundation of this movie HAS TO BE their bond. Their unity is what makes the duo so special to so many people and the smile on my face after watching the trailer spoke volumes about its legitimacy in Solo. More so after watching the new TV Spot which builds upon this relationship in stunning fashion.

Donald Glover appears to be nailing it as Lando, Emilia Clarke’s Qi’Ra is an enticing addition to the saga, the new Imperial Range, Mimban and Mud Troopers look awesome and Woody Harrelson just belongs in the Star Wars universe as Tobias Beckett. The train heist aboard the Conveyex “sky train” looks breathtakingly spectacular and promises to be a pulse pounding addition to the greatest set pieces of the saga. But the stand out influence from the trailer was the Millennium Falcon. The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy looks amazing and the possibility of her making the Kessel Run in Solo has me gripped to the edge of my seat. Whether Solo: A Star Wars Story can appease us all remains to be seen, but my emotional attachment to the holy trinity of Han, Chewie and the Falcon remains unshaken…punch it!

Bring on May 24!

Solo A Star Wars Story - Comprehensive Trailer Analysis

The Swoon Factor – By Katarina Schultz

Ok, mark this down: I AM OFFICIALLY HERE FOR SOLO. Yes, that’s right- Solo nonbeliever Kat is PUMPED. Something happened between the teaser trailer and this “official trailer” and I am now firmly on board. I think it was the human element that this trailer provides. I feel invested in these characters now in a way I wasn’t before (not even for familiar-yet-baby-faced Han Solo). I’m ready to fall for L3-37. I’m ready to swoon over Lando. I’m ready to die for Val. I’m ready to cry over Chewie. I’m ready to figure out what mystery woman Qi’Ra’s deal is. And, of course, I’m ready to affectionately roll my eyes at cockily naive Han. This ragtag group of rascals is already worming its way into my heart much like the cast of Rogue One, now one of my favorite movies, did and it’s still over a month until the film’s release. Sure, there’s lots that could go awry, but here’s hoping the movie makes me love these nerds as much as this trailer does.

Solo A Star Wars Story - Comprehensive Trailer Analysis

Gunfight at the O.K Cantina – By Katelyn Mathis

More than any of the latest films, the Star Wars fandom is holding its breath for this one. Solo has had a tumultuous past for such a young film. But, when you go through a few different directors and weeks of reshoots, you better believe no one is going to miss seeing it. Overall, the trailer gives off a very western vibe. Replace blasters with revolvers, the dim electric lights with oil lamps, put black lace on the droids and drop John Wayne in there and you’ve got yourself the makings of a 70’s style western. It looks like there’s even a train robbery in there. At the 1:50 mark we see Beckett unveil a rope-like weapon. I’m wondering if we are finally going to see the most useless Kyber crystal powered weapon, the Light-whip, or if it’s just an old-fashioned strand of electricity like we saw in The Clone Wars. Either way, I’m very excited to see what Solo brings to the screen. Who knows, maybe we’ll get to see another scene in which Han shoots first.

Solo Trailer 5

Swashbuckling with Solo, Chewie and Lando – By Shay Spargo

Many of you know that it’s been a bit hard for me to get onboard with Solo: A Star Wars Story. While, of course, I’m interested in it and excited to see what new content it will contribute to the Star Wars universe, I just haven’t felt the personal connection to this film that I did with, say, Rogue One or The Last Jedi. But since the new full-length trailer dropped, I think my feelings towards this film are beginning to shift, and I’m so excited to see that happening. I want so badly to love this movie, and I think this trailer has begun to make me do so.

Upon re-watching it several times, I’ve noticed just how “fun” the whole feel of it is. I think this time, we’re in for a more Thor: Ragnarok-style fun mission with some favorite familiar faces. Not that there won’t be moments of intensity or even raw emotion in there; seeing Chewie share a tender moment with another Wookiee (whom I personally hope to be his wife, Malla,) warmed me inside, and the bit with Han trying desperately to pull his co-pilot out of the way before he is crushed between a fast-approaching mountainside and The Conveyex that Han and the others seem to be riding really grabbed my heart.

A few other moments from the trailer I enjoyed are the shots of a pristine Millennium Falcon, as well as a few great bits from Lando Calrissian. I must admit, I think it’s this gambler and finding out his history with the galaxy’s best smuggler-turned-war-hero that has me most excited for this new film. Lando’s brief appearances in Star Wars Rebels are what really made me love him, and I’ve always enjoyed his time with the Rebellion in Return of the Jedi. So, I can’t wait to see him being played by Donald Glover in Solo, and from the looks of the trailer, no fan of either the character or the actor is bound to be disappointed with this movie.

All in all, I think this movie is going to be loads of fun, and I can’t wait!! If the trailer is any indication of what the actual film will hold, then I think we’re in for one awesome time. Will it be some great battle, spanning the stars and reminding us of profound truths about the eternal battle between good and evil? Nah. This is going to be some fun times with a jumble of characters who are sure to provide a lot of grins along the way. And I think I’m gonna be totally fine with that.

Solo Trailer 64

Sabacc and Gunfights Galore in the Star Wars Cantina – By Brad Tracy

It was once said that Mos Eisley was the Old West and Han Solo was the coolest cowboy in town. After all he was a “shoot first, ask questions later” kind of guy. Now it looks like Solo: A Star Wars Story is the space western we’ve all been waiting for. Gambling, duelling showdowns and gunfights on top of hovering trains; this movie is shaping up to have it all! Do Han Solo and Chewbacca need a backstory? Not necessarily. Will it be the sweetest backstory ever produced? It’s certainly looking that way! May 25th can’t come fast enough.

Solo A Star Wars Story - Comprehensive Trailer Analysis

Kessel Run Delight – By Patty Hammond

As you know, I am always excited to see the next film in the Star Wars Universe. Solo is no exception! The trailer gave me more of a hint as to the story. The most exciting part of the trailer was seeing Kessel and of course what looks like to be the Kessel Run, which Han made his reputation on! Other than Han’s interactions with Chewbacca and Lando, THAT is the one aspect of the story I am most looking forward to! We will finally SEE what Han boasted to Luke and Ben in A New Hope!

Solo A Star Wars Story - Comprehensive Trailer Analysis

I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This – By Carl Roberts

Ok, is it just me?

The effects look good, the characters are, for the most part, interesting enough and some of the action sequences look amazing.


The whole trailer, like the teaser trailers, are not blowing my skirt up.
The bi-play between Solo and Chewbacca looks unnatural and forced, Lando seems like a unlikable character and the whole thing leaves me cold. I’m hoping for a Rogue One but I keep seeing a Battle Beyond the Stars instead. It looks to me like style over substance, special effects over story. The trailer ends with Chewbacca in danger with Solo screaming his name. It looks like Chewie is about to be killed. Only we know he won’t be.

The tension is non-existent, we already know Chewbacca will live. There is no sense of peril or suspense. We know Solo and Lando will survive the film and have dealings in the future with each other. The only thing that is interesting me with the two characters is to see their backstory. To see the event(s) that led to Chewbacca’s life debt to Solo, to see the evolution of our beloved Millennium Falcon to the hunk of junk we all love.

I just hope that the new characters are not pushed aside in favor of Han and Lando’s hijinks and rivalry. Woody Harrelson is always an enjoyable addition to any film and I’m looking forward to seeing his role and performance in the film. Emilia Clarke’s Qi’Ra looks like a classic femme fatale and it’s her role that I find intriguing, how does she fit in to this expanded universe? What are her motives? What is her fate? These are the questions I’m looking forward to finding the answers to. I’m looking forward to hearing the music John Williams has contributed to the film and John Powell’s new score to the film, here’s hoping for a Michael Giacchino/Rogue One type score, one that fits in with the entire saga while bringing fresh ideas to the audience.

I guess all will be revealed next month when the film finally opens after all the behind the scenes problems and well documented trouble. Sadly though, what I’ve seen so far hasn’t filled me with confidence. The knives are already out for the film and I don’t want to join the ranks of haters already writing the film off as a total loss. However, what I’ve seen so far has not impressed me and can only hope that the film manages to both surprise and delight me. From the trailers so far, I fear I’m going to leave the cinema bitterly disappointed.

Solo A Star Wars Story - Comprehensive Trailer Analysis

Solo Optimism – By Melissa Villy

I said that last time that I was cautiously optimistic. Well, I’m a little more optimistic now. From the trailer, it looks like it’s going to be a great movie and a great story. I loved that we find out that we do indeed get to see that famous Sabacc game which I’ve been dying to see for a long time. The trailer perfectly introduces us to all the characters, at least visually. I really want to know more about Paul Bettany’s character though. I’ve been a fan of his since he played Chaucer in A Knight’s Tale, and I know he’ll be a great addition to the cast.

My favorite parts are Han’s reaction to finding out Chewie’s age and when he says he has a “good” feeling about this. I’ve decided Alden looks the part for the most part, now all that remains is to see if he can act the part too. As a lifelong Han Solo fan, I can’t wait for this story to be told, but Alden has some big shoes to fill. Come May 25th, we’ll find out just how good he is as the iconic smuggler with a heart of gold.

Solo Trailer 15

Villains, Villains Everywhere! – By Thomas Storai

This was an action-packed trailer! Lots of things happened there and a lot of breathtaking shots! It looks like this movie is going to be an amazing smuggler adventure! The new planets we get to see there look beautiful and unique. We got to see each of the main characters, giving us a better look at who they are, I immediately loved L3-37, it looks to be quite an aggressive and fun droid! The two villains Enfys Nest and Dryden Vos both looked great and they have this imposing presence, I’m intrigued to know more about them.

We finally saw the Imperial Range Troopers in action, and they look badass! Two things that this trailer confirmed for me was that Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover just look spot on as Han Solo and Lando Calrissian. They really captured the spirit of these characters. Even in the dialogue we got in the trailer, it’s just so like these characters, I really loved that! I’m so excited to see this movie, as a kid I always wanted to get a Han Solo movie and today it’s finally happening!

Solo A Star Wars Story - Comprehensive Trailer Analysis

Your Choice:

The new Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer has certainly got the fans talking, and there have been some fantastic opinions from the team. Whether you are a casual fan, or an unparalleled Star Wars aficionado, we will all be filling auditoriums around the world in just a few short weeks.

Are you ready for Solo? Drop us a line and share your thoughts with us.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits UK screens on May 24 and in the US on May 25.


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