EA Star Wars | Emperor Palpatine Has Been Removed from Star Wars: Battlefront II

EA Star Wars struggles to fix the platform errors despite the recent hotfix.

Things just seem to go from bad to worse for EA Star Wars and their Battlefront II operating system. Since its launch in the latter stages of last year, the platform has been blighted with errors, software glitches and controversial pricing structures. To its credit, the game developer has moved quickly in its attempts to remedy these failings and has always listened to the fans’ complaints but nevertheless, the problems persist. In fact, they appear to be getting far worse than even EA had expected and their inability to get a handle on the situation has forced their hand into taking drastic measures.

A recent hotfix, designed to resolve a glitch with Emperor Palpatine’s chain lightning attack has failed to cleanse the system of the problem, therefore EA has had little alternative but to remove the character from the game completely for the foreseeable future.

In a recent post from DICE’s community engagement head Ben Walke, he revealed the extent of the situation and moved quickly to reassure gamers of the character’s longevity.

“We plan to execute our Kill Switch for Emperor Palpatine,” Walke wrote. “This means he will be removed from the game. He will be disabled until a new hotfix can be deployed. We don’t take this decision lightly, but we feel it is in the best interest for everyone until a fix can be deployed.”


EA Star Wars | Emperor Palpatine Has Been Removed from Star Wars: Battlefront II

Sadly, the developer has not issued an expected date of the return for the ruthless dictator, but EA Star Wars has promised a swift resolution which will come as welcome news. Whether or not this new hotfix will resolve the software problems remains to be seen, but the pricing structure issues of the game continue to blight what has been an exciting Solo: A Star Wars Story season. With characters like the young Han Solo, Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca priced at almost insurmountable amounts, many fans and their children have been left in bitter frustration.

Until EA Star Wars has taken a broader look at the operating system and pricing structure these issues will continue to blight what is otherwise a thoroughly entertaining game. And with the all-new Star Wars: The Clone Wars downloadable content expected to arrive in the next few weeks, EA needs to act fast!

Until then, our hopes rest in the hands of the developers.


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