February 7, 2023
FanExpo Canada 2018 | Hasbro's All-New Star Wars Reveals

Dryden Vos and Captain Phasma are coming to claim a spot in your collection…

With FanExpo Canada well under way, all eyes were on Hasbro as the toy giant took to the stage to unveil two forthcoming figures from both The Black Series 6″ collection and the 3.75″ Vintage Collection.

Solo: A Star Wars Storys infamous villain, Dryden Vos has proven to be a hit with the fans and it was only a matter of time before an action figure of him was commissioned by Hasbro. And thankfully, this awesome character, portrayed by the great Paul Bettany is the first action figure unveiled. Expected to hit our shelves in early 2019, Dryden Vos comes complete with his vibro-blades.

Star Wars: The Black Series Dryden Vos 6″ Figure:

If that isn’t enough to whet our appetites, Hasbro has also confirmed the release of the commander of the First Order’s notorious Stormtrooper legions, Captain Phasma. The heavily armoured female warrior will debut in the 3.75″ The Vintage Collection range.

Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Captain Phasma 3.75″ Figure:


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