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After what has felt like an eternity, our first ever Star Wars live-action TV series is finally coming to fruition. Earlier in the year, news broke that franchise stalwart, Jon Favreau would be returning to the galaxy far, far away to bring us an entirely new adventure set some seven years after the fall of the Empire at the famous Battle of Endor.

Rumours have permeated every social media platform ever since and the fans have been left to speculate about the content and narratives the new series would explore. Having played the leader of the infamous Death Watch in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the fans began to hope that Favreau would explore a potential storyline featuring the famous Mandalorian people; and thanks to a post on his official Instagram account, we now have confirmation of both the title of the upcoming series as well as the official synopsis.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian:

The Mandalorian | Jon Favreau Reveals the Title and Synopsis for his Star Wars live-action series

The speculation is over, and the fans can now look forward to a thrilling new Mandalorian inspired series when it debut’s on the new Disney Streaming Service in the new year. The legacy of both Jango and Boba Fett has cemented itself as one of the pillars of the Star Wars saga and the fans’ appetite for more Mandalorian content has been insatiable. Thankfully, Dave Filoni’s fabulous series’ Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels explored the mythology of the Mandalorian people and served to spark the imagination of a whole new generation of fans who are just as intrigued to learn more about the ancient race of warriors as the more seasoned among us.

I, for one, am overjoyed. Having been a fan of Boba Fett since my first encounter with him in the Empire Strikes Back, I am elated and cannot wait to explore a ten-episode adventure with an all-new Mandalorian gunslinger. The legacy of the Mandalorian people casts a very long shadow in the Star Wars universe, and with Star Wars: The Mandalorian set to extend that legacy that shadow is about to get a little bit bigger…and that is damn exciting!

With the series set after the fall of the Empire and before the rise of the infamous First Order, we could be set for a fantastically gritty adventure set in the criminal underworld of the Outer Rim colonies. The lawless expanse is legendary in the Star Wars universe, with planets like Tatooine featuring so predominantly in the events of the Skywalker legacy and brought us some of the most notorious villains in the saga to date.

Who knows what new villains await us beyond the Outer Rim?


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