December 6, 2023

Continue the search for Lor San Tekka with Poe Dameron and Black Squadron

Thanks to C-3PO and his droid agents, the Resistance has finally located Lor San Tekka. The only problem is he’s been imprisoned by the Neimoidians for stealing. With the help of General Leia, Poe, Suralinda, and the rest of Black Squadron launch a daring mission to rescue the famed Jedi scholar- if the First Order doesn’t get there first.


Terex is an excellently complicated villain. Accompanied by the crazed Commander Malarus, he’s twice the trouble. Author Charles Soule has crafted an excellent villain for this series. His penchant for showing up just when the heroes are about to succeed makes him the thorn in the side that you love to hate.

While this isn’t the last volume, I like that the search for Lor San Tekka has finally come to an end. They couldn’t drag it out forever after all. And there’s more of Poe’s story to tell, for instance, what was he doing after he escaped that Tie Fighter crash on Jakku? What was the rest of Black Squadron up to during The Last Jedi?

Of Dresses and Weddings and True, True Love

I liked the inclusion of Padme’s dresses as Leia’s most prized treasure. Finding out she acquired them and knows who her mother was made me so happy. And using them as a diversion was simply brilliant. However, I don’t like what happens to them as a result of this brilliant plan. I won’t say what, because spoilers, but suffice it to say I don’t think we’ll be seeing those lovely dresses ever again.


Also, Leia’s own dress was beautiful and the perfect combination of Alderaanian and Nabooan styles. If only part of it hadn’t kept disappearing! I know that may sound trivial, but as a costume fan I couldn’t help but notice that her sleeves kept disappearing and reappearing before finally completely going away. If anyone wanted to cosplay as Leia in this comic they’d be hard pressed to do so.

I was pleasantly surprised by the ending of this volume, which included something rarely seen in Star Wars: a wedding. If you’ve been reading along with me, you’ll know of the budding romance between Snap Wexley and Kare Kun. I love that this comic deals with a serious search for Lor San Tekka, but takes time out to focus on the lives of the pilots that make up Poe’s squadron. It goes along with the theme that the Resistance will win by fighting for what they love.

Poe Dameron Annual

The annual issue included dealt with Poe learning a valuable lesson. That sooner or later, his reckless behavior and penchant for acting alone without back up will catch up with him and he just might not survive to tell the tale. Eventually, it does and he nearly doesn’t make it out of the situation he and BB-8 get into.

This was a nice short story by Robbie Thompson with art by Nik Virella. Thompson is known for Spiderman and Silk and is also a television writer. Virella has worked on several Marvel titles including the All-New Wolverine.


The next volume will be released on December 4th and will deal with the unseen events of The Force Awakens mentioned above. However, its last issue was released on September 26th making upcoming Volume 5 the final volume.


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