December 6, 2022
Marvel Studios | My Five Favorite MCU End Credit Sequences

Annlyel slips into her superhero cape to explore the awesome end credit sequences of Marvel’s biggest blockbusters…

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of exciting moments, extraordinary characters, and fascinating movies that have turned me into an avid Marvel fan. But what’s so much fun about these films is that every second of the movies is exciting to watch. Even the credits.

Sitting through the credits at the end of a Marvel movie is about as important (maybe even more so at times) as watching the film and part of that heartwarming experience is seeing the end credit sequences. Some MCU films’ credit sequences are kind of boring while others are so incredible that sometimes I just watch the movie to see it. So, here are my five favorite MCU end-credits sequences.

5. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange was and still is, potentially, the most visually appealing installment in the MCU franchise with its psychedelic visuals and delightfully bizarre qualities. The end-credits sequence only furthers that wildly original feel of the movie by bringing all of these aesthetically pleasing colors and designs together in a delightfully strange end-credits sequence. Doctor Strange is one of my favorite MCU films for multiple reasons and this is one of those reasons.

Marvel Studios | My Five Favorite MCU End Credit Sequences


4. Black Panther

Ever since I saw this end credits sequence for the first time I have been in love with it. The song, “All the Stars” fits the movie perfectly. The animation is not only beautiful but is imbued with the essence of the film as it displays all of the different colors and nuances from the movie’s brilliant creativity.

Marvel Studios | My Five Favorite MCU End Credit Sequences

3. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming is a fun film through and through and this credit sequence proves that point. The animation is brilliant and perfectly fits the teenage vibe that the movie presents. And the song “Blitzkrieg Bop” fits the movie impeccably and leaves me singing along with them every time I watch it. I love this movie.


2. The Avengers

The first time I realized how enjoyable and unique end credit sequences could be was after watching The Avengers. It is still one of my favorite endings to an MCU movie because of the brilliant animation, the easy recognition of all of the characters and their superhero staples, and the music composed by the exceptional Alan Silvestri.

Marvel Studios | My Five Favorite MCU End Credit Sequences


1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This end credits sequence is hands down my favorite in the MCU. I went to see The Winter Soldier four times in the movie theaters and every time I saw it this ending covered me in goosebumps and brought a gigantic smile to my face. The same can be said at home. Sometimes I watch The Winter Soldier just so I can watch this end credits sequence. The colors are fascinatingly striking, the animation is beautiful, and the layout of the characters is perfectly composed.


Marvel is the king of credits and as I’ve shown you in this post these end credits sequences prove why.


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