February 5, 2023
Dumbo | Find Your Courage With Disney's New Trailer

Rediscover the majesty of Disney’s incredible flying elephant in the all-new trailer & poster…

In recent memory, Disney has made a success of refreshing its animated features with a sprinkle of live-action magic and boasting cutting-edge special effects and motion capture technology successfully brought these greats back to the screen for a contemporary audience. The pinnacle of these movies was undoubtedly Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book. Boasting an all-star voice cast and some of the most technologically immersive computer-generated effects ever created, Disney did the unthinkable and broke new territory and in doing so re-envisioned Rudyard Kipling’s iconic tale for a new generation of fans.

Hot on the heels of their release of Beauty and the Beast, Disney quickly turned its attention to The Lion King which is set for future release, however up next in its calendar of reboot’s is one of the studios’ most adored characters.


The classic tale of the elephant born with enormous ears is a cornerstone of the Disney archive and beloved by many fans around the world, and charged with appeasing them is visionary director Tim Burton.

Dumbo | Find Your Courage With Disney's New Trailer

Following the release of its popular teaser trailer, the Disney advertising campaign is roaring into life once again and has unveiled a glossy new poster and an all-new trailer to feast our eyes upon. You can enjoy the bold and beautiful poster below, which features the aerodynamic pachyderm soaring through the air as well as the all-important trailer which reminds us of the majesty of Disney’s only flying elephant.

Dumbo | Find Your Courage With Disney's New Trailer


You can watch in awe as Dumbo takes to the skies on March 29.


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Source: Walt Disney Studios



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