November 26, 2022
FOTF Face-Off | Alien vs. Predator: Which Movie Is Better?

Annlyel pits Ridley Scott’s Alien against John McTiernan’s Predator in the ultimate sci-fi clash of the monsters…

When I think of horror and science-fiction my thoughts immediately drift to Alien. This film, which debuted to frighten audiences to the point of potential sleepless nights in 1979, is still one of the greatest masterpieces ever made. And then eight years later another terrifying extraterrestrial arrived in theaters to wreak havoc on a group of humans in horrifyingly grotesque ways in the action-packed Predator. It would also take its place on the iconic pedestal.

Will The Predator Suffer The Curse Of The Reboot

Both of these films have inspired science-fiction filmmakers after their releases and both franchises have gone on to make sequels that are still coming out to this day. There have even been crossover films where the two aliens face off in a battle for the ages. But, between the franchises’ first installments, which movie was better? Simple; Alien.

Revisiting a Classic: Ridley Scott's Alien

Predator is a good movie with a comprehensible plot; a bunch of soldiers is hunted by a highly advanced alien in a jungle. Over the course of an hour and a half we, the viewer, must watch as the characters are gradually but efficiently killed off in gruesome ways. Of course, because Schwarzenegger is the star of the film he, of course, is the last man standing and one can only hope that he will prevail against the terrifying adversary. He unsurprisingly does, and we can sigh a breath of relief knowing that at least one person survived the unforgettable encounter.

Will The Predator Suffer The Curse Of The Reboot

Alien, despite being a soft reboot of IT! The Terror From Beyond Space while very similar to Predator in terms of the plot, is a whole different ballgame. Alien is the epitome of terrifying, through and through. From the first time we see the alien wrapped around the man’s face at the beginning of the film to Ripley trying to escape the ship at the end of the movie, this movie is 100% gold.

The perfection of this film is still mindblowing. There isn’t a lot of music because the movie honestly doesn’t need it. Ridley Scott would turn out to be one of the greatest directors of all time while Predator‘s director, John McTiernan, is nowhere near as widely known. In fact, can you think, on the top of your head, any other movies McTiernan has directed besides Bruce Willis’ blockbuster Die Hard?

Revisiting a Classic: Ridley Scott's Alien

Alien would go on to not only inspire thousands of filmmakers who dabble in the science-fiction genre but it would also help inspire those in horror as well. In fact, Predator probably wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for Alien! This movie showed the possibilities of a monster flick in ways that still hasn’t been replicated to this day.

And that’s why it’s one of my favorite movies of all time.

Which of these two titans of Hollywood gets your vote? Share your thoughts in the comments section…


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