February 3, 2023
Star Wars | The Romantic Woes of Episode IX

Annlyel explores the potential for a romantic interllude in Star Wars: Episode IX

Romance. It’s never been an issue with the Star Wars franchise because each trilogy (and the two Star Wars stories) treated romance in a decisive fashion. The Original Trilogy presented Luke and Leia as a potential couple but that immediately was dismantled as Leia’s affections for Han grew and Luke and Leia’s family relations (ick) became known. The Prequel Trilogy focused on solely the tragic love story of Anakin Skywalker and Senator Padme Amidala.


Rogue One featured a budding romance between Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor which was over before it was even able to start. And Solo: A Star Wars Story contained a passionate romance between a younger Han Solo and his first love, Qi’ra. And yet the sequel trilogy is indecisive in nearly all of its aspects, even the romantic aspect. How many questions have we had since The Force Awakens and how many of those questions have doubled, tripled, maybe even quadrupled since The Last Jedi?

Han And Qi'ra

Romance has never been a heavy Star Wars topic filled with different possibilities and scenarios that we’re all waiting to discover but the Sequel Trilogy changed that.

In The Force Awakens, it was established that Rey and Finn were really good friends but J.J Abrams never cemented their relationship status. On one side it could be rationalized that they were merely friends and then on the other side it seemed that imminent romance could be found in their future. Some fans also began to suspect that the friendship between Finn and Poe could potentially be romantically inclined after their lovable bromance in the movie.

Star Wars | The Romantic Woes of Episode IX

Then The Last Jedi came out, complicating things even more. Rey and Kylo Ren started having a thing that turned so oddly romantic that there’s a large of group of Star Wars fans who have become obsessed with the Reylo concept. Finn and newcomer Rose began to obtain feelings for each other as they participated on their little adventure. I mean, she kissed him for crying out loud!

Finn and Rose

Even Poe Dameron slightly got into the romantic action with his brief relationship with Holdo. Before you say, “Huh? Poe and Holdo?” just think about it. Their chemistry was totally strange and Holdo even told Leia she liked him after she touched his face while he was lying on a stretcher like the male version of Sleeping Beauty. Yeah, there was definitely a thing between them.

Star Wars | The Romantic Woes of Episode IX

The fact that Rian Johnson introduced so many romantic leylines in The Last Jedi has turned Episode IX into an explosion of romantic possibilities. And that’s not entirely a good thing.

When one gets geared up to watch a finale in a movie trilogy there shouldn’t be a whole lot of questions that need answering. Those questions were supposed to be concluded in the second movie. Unfortunately, they weren’t and that means J.J Abrams has to find a way to resolve our curiosities without making Episode IX feel like a fix-it flick.

Star Wars | The Reylo Phenomenon

Of course, those questions apply to the romance in the film as well. And there are so many potential outcomes. Finn and Rey. Rey and Kylo Ren. Poe and Finn. Finn and Rose. Rey and Poe. And who knows? Maybe there will be a new character that finds the fancy of one of these characters, complicating things even more.

The Star Wars Machete Order Marathon Works!

I’m a fan of love stories. If a movie has a good love story it makes the movie that much better. The Original Trilogy’s love story between Han Solo and Princess Leia was one of the reasons why the movies were so good (and vice versa for the Prequel Trilogy). Because there hasn’t been a concrete romance in the Sequel Trilogy so far then that means Episode IX will probably turn out to be the most romantic installment in the Star Wars franchise yet which could turn out to be a bonus for the film or a deeply unlikable (and distracting) element to the movie. J.J Abrams may, of course, simplify things, make Finn and Rose the only romantic couple in the movie, and everyone else is left without a love story so our heads won’t explode with all of the romantic tension.

I know George Lucas compared his Star Wars creation to a soap opera but with the multiple romantic possibilities, Episode IX may very well make this analogy come true.


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