December 10, 2023
Rambo: Last Blood | The Bow and Arrow is Back!

Sylvester Stallone teases the return of John Rambo’s most iconic weapon in Last Blood

With so many blockbuster movies heading our way this summer you’d be forgiven for overlooking the awesome films set to fill the winter calendar.  Highly anticipated Movies like IT Chapter 2, Joker, Jumanji 3 and Star Wars: Episode IX are all headed our way during this period and standing proudly amongst them is Sylvester Stallone‘s swansong as the iconic larger than life action hero John Rambo.

Last Blood | Rambo Sheds His Final Blood This September

Stallone is set to say a final farewell to a character he has been the custodian of for close to four decades when Rambo: Last Blood arrives on our screens on September 20th and fans are gearing themselves up for a tear-jerker. However, despite the bittersweet emotion attached to his swansong Stallone has promised to keep the fans updated throughout the filming process by posting behind-the-scenes images straight to his Instagram account.

Rambo: Last Blood | Sylvester Stallone Sheds His Final Blood This September.

Until now, these images have been calm and reflective, indicative of Rambo’s life after returning home from a lifetime of conflict. But that is all about to change. Rambo is trying to live a peaceful life on his father’s ranch, training horses. However, he still uses his survival skills to volunteer for dangerous rescue missions, like saving people from a flash flood. The film’s bloody action is set in motion when Gabriella, the daughter of one of his closest friends goes to Mexico to find her estranged father. In typical warrior fashion, Rambo crosses the U.S./Mexico border to help find her but quickly finds himself up against the full might of one of Mexico’s most violent cartels.

The latest behind-the-scenes image accentuates the action by revealing our hero being reunited with his trusty bow and arrow, a silent and lethal weapon he has used since its debut in Rambo: First Blood Part 2 way back in 1985. The image reveals Rambo smothered in blood but looking as lethal as ever.

You can’t help but feel sorry for whoever stands in his way.  Rambo is a proven killer with his trusty bow which was demonstrated famously during the furious rampage on the Vietnamese war-dogs in Rambo 2.

Rambo: Last Blood is shaping up to be an epic conclusion to the saga despite the series being brought to a close so beautifully in the previous instalment. But in Hollywood, you can’t keep a good hero down and this September Rambo rides again One. Last. Time.

When you’re pushed…killing’s as easy as breathing!


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