December 5, 2022
Black Series Review | BT-1 "Bee Tee" (Star Wars: Doctor Aphra)

Thomas has a confrontation with the homicidal assassin droid from Hasbro’s Black Series 6” collection

After being found and reactivated by Doctor Aphra, homicidal assassin droid BT-1 and his fellow droid 0-0-0 served under Lord Vader, and when Doctor Aphra faked her own death, he and 0-0-0 continued to roam the galaxy with her.

This second Black Series wave of 2019 is giving us our very first figures from the canon comics and it’s quite a great selection – Doctor Apra, BT-1 and 0-0-0! BT-1 is a retool of the R5-D4 figure with added deadly weapons! In terms of paint apps, it’s fairly simple, most of it is black. Everything is nicely detailed.

The cannons are articulated so you can point them in a different direction. The figure has 10 points of articulation. For the central feet, you have to turn the head in one direction to have it deployed and to put it away, turn the head in the other direction. There are two compartments that open in front, it’s a feature that is utilised on every astromech droid from Hasbro.

FOTF Star Wars The Black Series BT-1 Review 6

This figure also comes with two things but I’m still not sure where it fits on the figure. At first, I thought it was for when the missiles are retracted inside Beetee but it doesn’t fit there, so I don’t know.

Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

Overall, BT-1 is a great figure. Let’s hope it’s the start of many comics figures to come!


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