Top 5 Moments | Spider-Man: Far From Home

Liam reveals his top five moments from Spider-Man’s latest big-screen adventure!

With Spider-Man Far From Home hauling in well over one billion dollars at the global box office, the future is bright for our friendly neighbourhood wall-crawler. After his third screening, Liam is sharing his top five moments from what is sure to be Spidey’s best film to date. 

5. Peter’s relationship with MJ 

In previous Spider-Man films, the portrayal of both Peter Parker and MJ has been more like college students rather than the young teens that we are now seeing from Tom Holland and Zendaya. Their relationship is extremely awkward and is an accurate depiction of young love and teenagers finding their feet when it comes to dating. The awkwardness between the two makes for enjoyable entertainment and I look forward to seeing their relationship grow in the future.

Top 5 Moments | Spider-Man: Far From Home

4. Mysterio 

Mysterio is one of my all-time favourite Spider-Man villains, one of which I didn’t expect to see on the big screen for quite some time, but when he was announced for Far From Home, I was really intrigued to see how it played out. I was not disappointed. Mysterio is known for being an illusionist using technology as his weapon for villainy and seeing him use Tony Starks’ drones in order to create the Elementals and build the illusion that he is the hero earth needs was fantastic and visually stunning. In the comics Mysterio fakes his death on more than one occasion, with that in mind, there is still a possibility of him making an appearance in future films, maybe as a part of the Sinister Six.

Top 5 Moments | Spider-Man: Far From Home

3. First post-credit sequence 

The reveal of Peter Parker as Spider-Man is quite possibly the best post-credit scene in the whole MCU; in both Homecoming and Far From Home, it is evident that Peter wants to have a balance between being himself and also being the hero that is Spider-Man, but with the reveal from the infamous J. Jonah Jameson it seems that Peter won’t have the opportunity to lead two separate lifestyles.

Top 5 Moments | Spider-Man: Far From Home

2. Mysterio vs Spider-Man first fight 

The sequence where Mysterio uses the stolen drone technology in an attempt to scare and defeat Spider-Man is one of the best scenes not only in Far From Home but the MCU as a whole. I loved every part of the scene as it really pushes Spider-Man to his limits both physically and mentally, with Iron Man rising from his grave to MJ falling to her potential doom, it really is a rollercoaster ride for Peter.

Top 5 Moments | Spider-Man: Far From Home

1. Spider-Man Suits 

Despite there being several great moments in Far From Home, my favourite thing from the movie was all of the suits Spider-Man wears. In the comics, Spider-Man has several costumes, not just his iconic red and blue suit and it brings me such joy when I get to see some of these suits make an appearance in film form. With the MCU promising more Avengers and Spider-Man films, I’m really excited to see if Peter Parker will be rocking other variations of the Spidey costume.

Top 5 Moments | Spider-Man: Far From Home

What are your favourite moments from Spider-Man Far From Home? Drop us a line and share them with our team. 


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