September 26, 2023

Thomas infiltrates Jabba’s Palace to review the new Luke Skywalker Black Series figure

Hasbro’s latest exclusive was released during Triple Force Friday in the US as a Target exclusive while it was released last week in European online stores as a shared exclusive. The original Luke Skywalker from Return Of The Jedi was released in 2013 and it had a terrible sculpt and wasn’t using the digital print tech face yet. Hasbro has redone the figure and this time it’s a keeper!


This figure comes with a soft goods cape, a blaster pistol, a lightsaber, and the usual exclusive Black Series stand. The cape has a better fabric than the General Kenobi figure. Generally, on the capes, Hasbro knows how to pick the good fabric. The blaster pistol is nicely painted with some dirt weathering effect and the lightsaber is also detailed. Hasbro appears to have improved on quality by opting to use a thicker blade to avoid bent accessories, so thank you for this!


The outfit is made in two parts, the “Jedi robes” part and the body of the figure. The first part doesn’t seem removable but it’s not glued on the figure. One thing that is missing from it being completely accurate is the belt – there are no details on it. They were this close to having an almost perfect figure, it’s a missed opportunity!

This figure has 18 points of articulation.


In terms of headsculpt, it is the best Luke headsculpt we’ve seen this far in the Black Series line. It’s not as striking as the S.H. Figuarts sculpts but it’s great nonetheless. One thing that Hasbro did better than Figuarts – the hair color, it’s brown and not blond.


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Another great addition to the Black Series line and the must-have figure Luke of this line!


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