September 28, 2022
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Annlyel explores the prospect of the future of Disney entertainment being on Disney Plus

It’s very clear, entertainment has found a way to reach the masses in greater, more interactive (and affordable) ways and that’s called streaming services. While some may not be able to pay the $10+ ticket fee to go to the movie theaters to check out a movie they may really want to see it’s much easier to sit down on your own couch in the safety of your own home with a tv, remote, and a streaming service to watch whatever catches your fancy.

Disney has caught onto this and decided to capitalize on this new approach of entertainment and I can assure you, after delving deep into Disney Plus territory, it’s a good idea.

Star Wars Content on Disney Plus

No, right now the choices for original series aren’t endless but one day, a couple of years from now, we won’t be able to keep up with the content Disney will be throwing at us in bucketloads. We’re talking Marvel original series, Star Wars original series, Pixar original series, Disney original series, and National Geographic original series all culminating into what will be a massive explosion of enjoyment for Disney lovers.

Disney Plus is truly a dream come true for someone like me, a Disney fan, and it will make the Disney company only that much more successful in the long run.


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