November 26, 2022
Star Wars Rebels Season One

Annlyel takes a retrospective look at Dave Filoni’s inaugural series of Star Wars: Rebels to select her top five moments

When I started my Star Wars: Rebels journey I wasn’t convinced about the series’ wowing quality. At first, I found Ezra and Zeb’s turbulent relationship to be a bit annoying, I wasn’t fully in love with Hera Syndulla and Sabine Wren as characters, and I didn’t care that much about Kanan Jarrus. However, as the season progressed my appreciation for the series began to snowball into a legitimate love for the show and by the end, I was nodding my head in appreciation at the story.

I still wasn’t entirely sold on the series yet–that would happen at the end of Season 2, but I was definitely invested. So, because I have garnered such a fierce love for the series, I felt it was only fitting to add it to my Top Five series. Today, we look back at Season 1 and my five favorite episodes and moments from the season.

Star Wars | The Color of Hope

1. Episode 4: Rise of the Old Masters

The first three episodes of Star Wars: Rebels were interesting enough as they gradually introduced us to the characters and their relationship with one another. The first episode, however, that managed to grasp my attention was this one. Kanan Jarrus is finding a hard time training the impulsive teenager to become a Jedi, Ezra Bridger, due to his own limited knowledge (and patience) with being a Jedi Knight so when the opportunity to provide Bridger with a real teacher in Jedi Master Luminara he jumps at the chance.

Star Wars Rebels Rise of the Old Masters

He and Ezra go to rescue the Jedi master only to find that it’s a trap that has been laid for them, bringing them face-to-face with the Grand Inquisitor. This episode impressed me because it brought real peril to the main characters. Unlike Star Wars: Resistance which sees its main characters escape countless situations with save-the-day moments. And yes, the main characters get by in their first encounter with the Grand Inquisitor but it’s very clear that this show isn’t like Star Wars: Resistance. It was written in a way that would appease to children and adults, delivering a fascinating storyline that’s actually REALLY good. Looking back on it, this is also the first episode where Kanan begins to accept the journey that Bridger has placed upon him to become a true Jedi Knight/father figure to Ezra and it’s just so touching.

Star Wars Rebels The Grand Inquisitor

2. Episode 8: Gathering Forces

Up until this point, Ezra Bridger’s ability with the Force was very tame. Yeah, he was more agile than most people and clearly had some skill with the Force but it wasn’t until this episode than we began to understand how powerful he could be.

Ezra and Kanan once again come into contact with the Grand Inquisitor and once again they are nearly defeated by him. In a moment of desperation, Ezra summons a massive Fyrnock to protect him and his unconscious master, Kanan Jarrus. It’s the first time Bridger uses the Dark Side, making his journey a whole lot more interesting in an instant.

Star wars Rebels Gathering Forces

3. Episode 9: Path of the Jedi

Due to Ezra’s limited training under Kanan’s wary guidance, the only way either of them could grow was for them to go to the secret Jedi temple on Lothal. This episode was filled with Force-y goodness. From Ezra’s haunting trial with the Force and his eventual receiving of the Kyber crystal to Yoda’s counsel with Kanan Jarrus, this episode was the first episode to make me realize how incredible Star Wars: Rebels could be.

Star Wars Rebels Path of the Jedi

4. Episode 13: Call to Action

The Grand Inquisitor was a pretty formidable antagonist throughout the first season of Star Wars: Rebels but it wasn’t until Grand Moff Tarkin arrived into the series that I realized, “Oh snap! This show is getting serious.”

From Tarkin’s fascinating involvement to Kanan’s surrender, Call to Action gripped me from beginning to end.


5. Episode 15: Fire Across the Galaxy

Fire Across the Galaxy was the episode that convinced me that Star Wars: Rebels was a good cartoon. Mainly because Kanan’s final showdown with the Grand Inquisitor was so freaking awesome!!!! I wasn’t exactly sure if I liked the style of the lightsaber duels in Star Wars: Rebels but that lightsaber duel was the bow on the Season 1 gift box. And don’t forget Darth Vader’s jaw-dropping reveal at the end of the season. Talk about an epic surprise! It doesn’t get much better than this. Oh, wait…it does!

Star Wars Rebels Fire Across The Galaxy Darth Vader


Next up, the five best episodes and moments from Star Wars: Rebels: Season 2.


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