December 10, 2023
Black Widow...or Black Widows?

Will there be more than one Black Widow in Marvel Studios’ Black Widow? Annlyel investigates

When it was announced that Scarlet Johansson’s Black Widow would finally get her own movie in 2020 the elation coursing through me was electric. Now we’ve seen the teaser trailer and I’m impressed.

Being a teaser trailer it did exactly, tease new characters, a new villain, and a rather awesome-looking action sequence, but most importantly, it showed that Black Widow is not just about Natasha Romanoff‘s version of the Russian spy. The title can actually be considered a plural statement, as we several Black Widows in the trailer.

There’s Yelena Belova’s version of the infamous Black Widow. Rachel Weisz’s Melina Vostakoff can be seen at one point wearing the Black Widow suit, meaning she too is a Black Widow. And there’s a brief clip in the trailer that showcases what is probably the Red Room filled with young women training to be, what I’m guessing, are Black Widows?

David Harbour as Red Guardian in Black Widow

*squeal* This movie is getting better and better by the second.

Of course, this reveal isn’t out of thin air. In the teaser poster for Black Widow, released during the D23 Expo this year, we clearly see Yelena Belova’s character alongside a stretch of other women who would undoubtedly be other Black Widows.

Black Widow Poster

Black Widow is going to tell an epic story that features the beloved Avenger and if the teaser trailer didn’t excite you I hope the prospect of seeing an action sequence featuring several Black Widows at the same time does.


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Trailer Source: Marvel Entertainment

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