The Flash Warner Bros. Sets a 2022 Release Date

The Scarlet Speedster will zoom into cinemas on July 1st 2022

Warner Bros. has finally set a date for Ezra Miller‘s long-gestating Flash movie. The character made his theatrical debut in 2017’s Justice League and Miller’s performance was rightly cited as one of the few positives from a divisive addition to the DCEU.

The Flash Justice League

In the years that followed, The Flash has seen directors come and go, visions change and release dates dissolved, but finally, things appear to be back on track. With Warner Bros’ recent slate of DC movies proving to be immensely lucrative, the studio appears to have turned the corner and has confirmed that The Flash will hit cinema screens on July 1st 2022. Furthermore, the studio has set Andy Muschietti as the lastest filmmaker to direct the long-gestating superhero solo film.

The Flash Justice League

Ezra Miller will once again star as the scarlet speedster, Barry Allen, after playing the character in both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the aforementioned Justice League. Plans are to shoot the film in 2020, giving the studio plenty of time to bring The Flash up to speed.

The Flash will now join the DC slate alongside Aquaman 2 which is set for release on December 22nd, 2022.


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