Black Series Review | Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Smuggler's Run Pack (EXCLUSIVE)

Thomas takes a detour to Batuu to review Hasbro’s Smuggler’s Run Black Series exclusive set from Galaxy’s Edge

My second Black Series review of the year is a follow up of my first review of 2020 with another Galaxy’s Edge exclusive pack! This time it’s the Smuggler’s Run pack! This set comes with Hondo Ohnaka, his blaster, 2 Porgs, Rey (Batuu), her staff, her blaster, her lightsaber, Chewbacca and his bowcaster. There are no repacks, all-new figures!

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Hondo Ohnaka

A fan-favourite character from The Clone Wars, Hondo then made his way to Star Wars Rebels up to the comics and now Galaxy’s Edge! This is the very first 6-inch figure of this character and it is exclusive to the Star Wars land, it’s a bit, well more than a bit, it’s extremely annoying that a character as popular as Hondo gets an exclusive release this limited! If it was a Walmart exclusive in the US, it would be a shared exclusive in Europe, and therefore, easy to get but an exclusive to Galaxy’s Edge is as hard to get as it comes. I feel so lucky to be among the fans who owns it but I know so many people want this figure but can’t get it because on eBay, it is sold at insane prices and they can’t travel to Galaxy’s Edge to buy it because they’re outside the US and it’s too expensive.

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As it is a Batuu exclusive, it is obviously his Batuu outfit we’re getting. It was first seen in the comics mini-series called Galaxy’s Edge. It is inspired by his outfit in The Clone Wars but with a little spin to it. The vest is like the Tobias Beckett figure, near the holster they gave it an “in-motion” vibe. While the headsculpt is an even older version than his head in Rebels. Goggles and hat are not removable. The paint apps are great and so is the headsculpt, it feels so good to have a Hondo figure in the 6-inch line! And yes, they used digital print tech under the goggles for the eyes, it’s all in the details!

This figure has 17 points of articulation.

The blaster is a gold and silver repaint from Director Krennic blaster, it has some nice details and nice paint apps. The blaster fits in the holster.

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Rey (Batuu)

This is not a repack from The Last Jedi figure, they updated it with the digital face print tech and it is very much appreciated! This is pretty much the headsculpt from the Rey (Ahch-To) figure but with longer hair, proof that the original TLJ headsculpt was great but it just didn’t have the right paint app, an issue that has now been fixed with this new version! And no ugly neck joint either!

Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Star Wars Galaxys Edge Smugglers Run Review 24

The outfit is screen accurate, with beautiful paint apps and colors that are closer to what the outfit actually is compared to the colors used for the S.H. Figuarts version. This figure has 18 points of articulation. The accessories are not bent so this is quite good! Good paint apps, these are just repacked.


Even the Porgs aren’t repacked! They have given us two new Porgs, inspired by two classic scenes from The Last Jedi! The sad Porg and the Porg saw in the Millenium Falcon cheering while Chewbacca is piloting! These are so cool! In terms of paint apps, the sad one is a bit messy but the other is pretty good! They both have 2 points of articulation (the wings).

Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Star Wars Galaxys Edge Smugglers Run Review 12


This one is based on The Force Awakens sculpt but with improved paint apps that feel more like Chewbacca. Unfortunately, it doesn’t use the digital face print tech so the eyes are still messy but the paint around them is a lot better! But this still remains a mediocre figure.

Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Star Wars Galaxys Edge Smugglers Run Review 11

This figure has 16 points of articulation.

The bowcaster is simply a repack so it’s all black, too bad.


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Final Thoughts:

The Smuggler’s Run pack is a must-have, just for the Hondo Ohnaka figure it is worth it! But the new Porgs and the updated Rey (Batuu) are also great reasons to get it!


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