Black Series Review Count Dooku (Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones)

Thomas interferes with Count Dooku‘s plans for the last time to review of Hasbro‘s new action figure incarnation of a Sith Lord.

The latest Hasbro Star Wars: The Black Series wave is now reaching European shores and it contains Zori Bliss, a Knight of Ren, a Sith Jet Trooper, Count Dooku and Commander Bly.

Count Dooku | Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones


This is actually the first Black Series figure of Count Dooku to be released and it’s about time! This one has a fun accessory an “action lightsaber blade effect” similar to the Hot Toys figures. It’s not necessarily an accessory I would have included, I prefer interchangeable hands but it’s still fun.


The headsculpt is amazing, they totally nailed Christopher Lee’s face. I’m in awe with this sculpt! I loved how they gave him that serious Dooku expression. The cape is just right, in terms of how it fits on the figure. They stayed accurate with different shades of brown for the outside and the inside. Even with the two different colors for the cape, they were able to keep a fabric that’s not too thick. The outfit too is screen accurate with good paint apps. It’s a very simple outfit to reproduce. You can even attach the lightsaber hilt to the belt. The lightsaber hilt also has nice paint apps and they were meticulous with the details and didn’t forget the red button on the hilt. I appreciate Hasbro’s effort on making better lightsaber blades for recent figures, no more bent blades.

This figure has 19 points of articulation for some pretty good action poses!


Unlike the S.H. Figuarts version which was a huge disappointment, this one doesn’t disappoint at all! Sure, it doesn’t have interchangeable hands and force lightning effect but it has a better headsculpt, the right color for the outfit and an accurate cape.


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Final Thoughts:

It is the definitive Dooku 6 inch figure!


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  1. Is a really good. Here a tip, if you have the emperor figure you can change hands with Dooku so you can have force lightning effect with Dooku

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