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Star Wars might be dead on the big screen for the time being, but it’s certainly not in the fandom. In particular, it’s far from dead for the creators of the Tatooine Sons podcast and leaders of the #MakeTerbusCanon campaign, David, Sam, and Nate. Come May 4th, 2020 at 8 pm eastern standard time, they will begin an amazing new chapter in their show’s history on Facebook Watch platform.


In a shocking bit of news on the evening of Tuesday, April 21, 2020, they finally revealed that which they had been teasing for the previous couple weeks. During a Facebook live video, they told their fans that come May the Fourth (unofficially international Star Wars Day) 2020, their show is getting a massive upgrade. From that point on, they will officially be commissioned by and their show produced in partnership with, Facebook. To watch, simply go to your Facebook Watch tab and click on Tatooine Sons on May 4th at 8pm eastern time.

From that point on, the show will become a weekly event that you can catch only on Facebook Watch. New episodes will continue to roll out for an initial ten-week run, every Monday at 8pm eastern time, 5pm pacific time, and will remain on Facebook Watch for up to one year after the original air date. For those who prefer to listen to the show while working, doing yard work, working out, traveling, etc…, not to worry, it will still remain available on your favorite podcasting platform indefinitely as with before. The main thing that will change there is simply the quality of the show.

Tatooine Sons

Unlike many other shows in that section which otherwise puts out scripted content, theirs will be live, at least for the initial premiere episode. Following that, all others will be prerecorded programming. In David’s own words, their Facebook contact informed them of the initial live episode, “You guys are going to be the first live show in the history of these exclusive official Facebook Watch programs for us. Just don’t screw it up”, the last part added in semi-jokingly. This is something they have been wanting to announce ever since they first began signing contracts and having to set up their own private business (Tatooine Sons LLC) several weeks back.

As if that was not enough, for those really eager Tatooine Sons fans, they will soon be releasing exclusive behind-the-scenes Instagram content which will feature them tearing down their old studio, drive across the country, and set-up of their studio as part of their move from Colorado to Florida, along with anything else they feel fits the behind-the-scenes version of their show.


Now that the Lothcat is finally out of the bag, they couldn’t be more excited or proud. It’s something they had never planned on happening in their wildest dreams. After officially naming the porg on the Millennium Falcon as seen in one of the teasers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi earlier this year (2020) and meeting the director of said movie Rian Johnson, they likely thought they had reached their peak and would forever remain a simple podcast. Little did they know what life would bring them down the line.

Whether you’ve been with them from the start or are just now discovering them, please feel free to join in with Future of the Force and many others on May the 4th at 8pm eastern standard time, to enjoy and celebrate their first show on Facebook Watch. It’s certainly not one to be missed. Of the topics to be discussed, that day’s final Clone Wars episode is likely amongst them.


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