Disney Springs in Florida Set to Open on May 20th in Phases

Disney Springs in Florida Set to Open on May 20th in Phases

Procedures are in place for Disney to reopen parks in phases amidst coronavirus concerns

Beginning on May 20, Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida is set to reopen their grounds in phases to guests. In following with all official guidelines from the CDC, local, state, and national government agencies, only select shopping and dining experiences owned by outside (non-Disney owned) will be allowed to open. Everything else ranging from the parks to the resorts, and all Disney owned businesses will remain closed for the time being as the situation is closely monitored.

Shanghai Disneyland

With Shanghai Disneyland set to open with its own restrictions in place on May 11, the company is expected to take what they learn there and apply them to Disney Springs in Florida. Before opening the park on a restricted basis, Shanghai Disney first opened Disneytown, their own version of Disney Springs, in much the same way as they are doing in Florida. While there are still parts of it that are still under restricted health measures to continue halting the spread of the virus, the simple fact that Disney is moving forward with the opening of the park there and Disney Springs in the States is a positive sign.


Along with what stores and even dining experiences are allowed to operate, when and for how long each day (to better control the flow of people), there will also be other restrictions in place for those wishing to once again visit Disney Springs. At this time, Disney will cap the number of people allowed into and around the area along with their parking and operating hours. In other words, don’t expect places to be open until midnight or later as before. Eight to even ten pm would likely be a more accurate guess, even though no official statement has been yet made regarding the new operating hours. Throughout this unprecedented time and before, Disney’s number one concern always has and will continue to be the safety of its guests. Should the situation change and require it, Disney is ready to once again shut its gates and grounds surrounding it.

Disney Springs in Florida Set to Open on May 20th in Phases

As the opening date for Disney Springs comes closer please note that procedures are subject to change in response to the situation at hand. Should that happen, please keep it tuned to The Future of the Force for the most accurate information.


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