February 7, 2023
Wonder Woman 1984 Update Poster

Gal Gadot radiates awesomeness in this glorious new poster for the hotly anticipated Wonder Woman sequel

Just days after Warner Bros. was forced to further delay the release of Wonder Woman 1984, the studio swiftly released a glorious new poster to commemorate the new release date. With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to decimate the 2020 release calendar, the studio had little alternative but to bump Gal Gadot‘s hotly-anticipated sequel to a new October, 2 release date.

However, the glorious new poster more than makes up for the disappointment. The glorious image reveals Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince sporting her new golden armor and clutching her trusty Lasso of truth! Check out the awesome poster below:

Wonder Woman 1984 Updated Poster

The hype for this movie is off the charts, and the anticipation is building by the day. Despite the constant delay in release, the excitement amongst DC fans is only growing and we cannot wait to get our first look. Check back regularly for the latest Wonder Woman news as it emerges. 


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