September 30, 2023
The Best Christmas Films on Disney Plus, Netflix and Amazon

These are the festive flicks you should be checking out this Christmas

Do you want to watch some Christmas films but have no idea what steaming platform has the film you are looking for? With so many platforms it’s easy to get frustrated. But no need to worry because I have gone through Disney Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Prime to find you the very best Christmas movies on each one! This post will help you avoid spending endless hours searching for what you watch! So, bring on the festive cheer.

 Disney Plus

Disney+ (Image courtesy of Disney)

Home Alone and Home Alone 2

Two movies that follow the adventures of a little boy when he is constantly forgotten and left behind by his family. These films are Christmas classics, the third film is also on Disney Plus but it is nowhere near as good.

Home Alone


A new Christmas film for 2019 – or 2020 for most of us. This film follows the sister of Santa Claus after she persuades him to take a holiday right before Christmas. This is a very cute, well-produced film that will be fun for the whole family.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Watch Jack Skellington become Father Christmas in this Tim Burton classic. Some consider this a Christmas Some a Halloween why not watch it on both holidays?

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Santa Claus, Santa Claus 2, and Santa Claus 3

These films are full of festive fun. Watch a non-believer become Santa Claus, in a tale that sees him become a better person and embrace Christmas. There are three films in this series so these are perfect for a movie day.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

It’s tradition to watch a Christmas Carol movie each Christmas and Disney Plus have the cutest version ready to stream.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Mickeys Once and Twice Upon a Christmas Movies

I used to watch these films as a child all the time but eventually stopped watching them because they were on Video. But now they are available to stream! Who doesn’t like a bit of Micky Mouse over Christmas?



The Holiday (also on Prime)

Follow two women as they swap lives and countries in this beautiful festive movie. A romance mixed with comedy and emotion. A classic Working Titles film full of big-name actors.

The Holiday

Arthur Christmas

My favorite Christmas film of all time! The film follows the son of Santa as he tries to deliver a missed present. This is such a cute film with jokes for the whole family.

Nativity, Nativity 2, and Nativity 3

The first film follows a school as they attempt to put on a nativity, in the second they compete in a song competition and the third is well not worth watching. But these films are great fun, and the audition scenes are sensational.

The Grinch (2019)

Sadly, I could only find the newer version of The Grinch, but this is still a fun film. The animation style is cute, and the world is innovative. The narrative is slightly different which makes this film worth a watch.

The Grinch

The Christmas Chronicles and The Christmas Chronicles 2

The Christmas Chronicles 2 is new for 2020 so if you are looking for a new festive film then these films are for you! These films feature the most perfect screen versions of Santa and Mrs. Claus. Like so many Christmas films The Christmas Chronicles are perfect for all ages.

Christmas With the Kranks (also on Prime)

A classic in my mind! What happens when two people decide to skip Christmas. Find out in this brilliant, hilarious film, that is just extra enough to work.

The Princess Switch and A Christmas Prince movies

These light-hearted films are great to watch when you don’t want to give a film your complete attention. Enjoyable films that follow the lives of people that end up involved with royalty. Make sure you pay close attention to the end of the second Princess Switch movie for a little surprise.

The Princess Switch

Amazon Prime

Prime Video

Sadly there are not many great Christmas films that come with Amazon Prime, but here are the best films they have on offer.

Deck the Halls

Follow two warring families as one wants to use so many Christmas Lights they can be seen from space and there other how just wants his usual quiet and perfect Christmas. A fun if slightly over the top Christmas flick.

Deck The Halls

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

A Christmas film full of disasters. This film is the third film from the series that shows the misadventures of the Griswold family whose Vacations are plagued by disasters and embarrassments.

The Mistletoe Promise

This may be a Hallmark film, but it is one of my favorite Hallmark Christmas films. A fun watch that follows two people as they pretend to be in a relationship over Christmas for the sake of their sanity and careers.

 Christmas with the Coopers (also on Netflix)

Follow a slightly dysfunctional family as they come together to celebrate Christmas. A comedy film that is sure to make you laugh.

Christmas With The Coopers

So there you have it – my top picks for Christmas films on Disney Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. I thought I would find all the great Christmas films on these services but sadly we will still need our DVD’s and TV showings of some classics.

Merry Christmas and happy watching.

Still looking for the ultimate festive flick? Check out our ‘Countdown to Christmas’ series for our rundown of the best Christmas movies to ignite your festive fun and frolics!


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